Week in Pictures: From Philippines to Palestine

From protests in Palestine to death of former Iranian president and fire in Philippines, here is the week in pictures.

Poverty & Development

What does it mean to be literate in the 21st century?

We need large-scale systemic revolution in education.

by Kolleen Bouchane

Poverty & Development

An unknown migrant route into EU runs through Lithuania

A newly discovered route through Lithuania's eastern border opens gateway into Western Europe for migrants and refugees.


Brazil's quilombos face eucalyptus giant in land war

"They stole our forests and our water. We took our medicine from the forest. Now, they put police and dogs at our door."

Poverty & Development

For Yemeni orphans, 'situation gets worse every day'

The capital's main orphanage may have to close owing to lack of funding, forcing hundreds of children on to the streets.

Poverty & Development

Volunteerism: A prerequisite for Africa's progress

The continent's future lies in the hands of the youth who can successfully harness agriculture and clean energy.

by Richard Munang
- Robert Mgendi


'There is no help': 10,000 homeless after DRC floods

Residents express frustration over the handling of the disaster that killed dozens and destroyed entire villages.


India's cash crunch persists as swap deadline passes

Opportunity to deposit discontinued currency notes ends as India looks to move ahead after demonetisation process.

101 East

Fleeing South Korea

Young skilled South Koreans throw away their careers for manual jobs overseas to flee the pressures of life at home.

Human Rights

Shuar tribe face government in Amazon mining protests

Ecuador's Shuar say mining project in Cordillera del Condor threatens their livelihood and encroaches upon their land.


The trouble with democracy

The year 2016 does not have the best track record in nascent and mature democracies across the world.

by Larry Beinhart


Thirty feared dead after Uganda boat capsizes

Nine bodies found after tragedy strikes football team and fans in Africa's seventh largest lake, Uganda news media say.

Poverty & Development

The hidden force of current international uneasiness

Recent events are evidence of the failures of neoliberalism as the dominant ideology in the international order.

by Ramon Blanco

Human Rights

Cradles in Rajasthan for India's unwanted babies

In a desperate measure, Rajasthan government places cradles around the state where parents can leave unwanted babies.

Poverty & Development

Growing up in Russia's biggest rubbish dump

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Hanna Polak on her Witness documentary about life in a notorious Russian landfill.