Germany's top court rejects bid to ban far-right party

Court accepts NPD pursues unconstitutional goals, but says xenophobic outfit is too weak to endanger democracy.

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Is a 'hard Brexit' the best way for UK to leave EU?

British Prime Minister Theresa May outlines her country's plan to leave the European Union.


Ukraine files case against Russia at UN's top court

Russia to defend itself against charges it illegally annexed Crimea in suit seeking damages for shelling of civilians.


The difference between right and left-wing populism

Right-wing populism evokes fear, left-wing populism - hope.

by Santiago Zabala


Dear Donald Trump: A letter from Palestine

'The US must start treating Palestinians as equals to Israelis.'


UK: PM to rule out 'half-in' EU deal in Brexit speech

Theresa May to signal 'hard' Brexit that will see full break from EU as Britain prepares to leave single market.


Europe 'astonished' by Trump's NATO comments

France's President Francois Hollande says the European Union does not need advice from outsiders.

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What's behind the growing economic gap?

Oxfam report says eight of the world's richest men have as much wealth as 50 percent of global poor.


Trump's comments cause concern in Europe

Hollande says "no need for outside advice" but Merkel vows to work with US president-elect after contentious interview.


N Ireland to hold snap vote after government collapse

Early election to be be held on March 2 following the collapse of the region's power-sharing government.

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Mugabe's media mastery

A look at how media outlets in Zimbabwe have been silenced and manipulated in the wake of inevitable change.

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Caught on tape: Netanyahu pulling the media strings

A look at one of Israel's biggest media scandals and PM Benjamin Netanyahu's incriminating role.


Pro-reform Jordan group criticises detentions

Lawyers say activists held in 'political witch-hunt' but government justifies the arrests on grounds of incitement.


Netanyahu's media scandal: Who bribed whom?

The latest revelations throw a glimmer of light on the systemic corruption in Israel, analysts say.


The Lobby Episode 1: Young Friends of Israel

Al Jazeera Investigations reveals how pro-Israel groups are trying to influence Britain's youth.