Anti-apartheid icon Ahmed Kathrada laid to rest

South African President Jacob Zuma did not attend the funeral amid tensions between the late Kathrada and the ANC.


How far-right populism is challenging the EU

We examine the history of the European Union and ask if it can withstand the challenges posed by populism.


Ivory Coast's former first lady cleared of war crimes

Simone Gbagbo had been charged with orchestrating attacks on supporters of her husband's opponent after 2010 election.


French elections: Manufacturing consent

By openly supporting Macron's candidacy, mainstream media in France is failing ethical standards of objectivity.

by Ali Saad

Al Jazeera World

Passport to Freedom

The stories of Syrians, Iraqis and Egyptians emigrating and seeking dual nationality following the 2011 Arab Spring.


UK: Anxiety in Stoke-on-Trent as Brexit looms

The city of Stoke-on-Trent in the English Midlands voted by a huge majority to leave the European Union.

Arab League

Arab Summit opens in Jordan amid regional turmoil

The summit will do little to end the conflicts in the region, analysts say.


US accused of blocking Sally Yates testimony on Russia

The White House is being accused of preventing former Attorney General Sally Yates from testifying as part of an investigation into alleged Russian meddling in last year’s presidential election.

Middle East

Low expectations ahead of Arab League summit

The conflict in Syria and the fight against ISIL will top the agenda at a meeting of leaders from 21 Arab states. They are gathering in Jordan ahead of the annual Arab League summit, which is due to begin on Wednesday.

Inside Story

What's the BJP's agenda in Uttar Pradesh?

India's ruling party is cracking down on butchers and abattoirs in the country's most populous state.


Scottish parliament backs new independence referendum

Motion passed 69 votes to 59 and comes a day before the UK takes the formal step towards Brexit.


Ahmed Kathrada: Humble and fearless

Anti-apartheid activist Ahmed Kathrada leaves behind a powerful legacy of service, social justice, and humility.


Rex Tillerson's Turkey visit: A critical juncture

The outcome of US Secretary of State Tillerson's first visit to Ankara may determine the future of Turkey-US relations.

by Metin Gurcan


The populist drift of the French election campaign

French presidential candidates are using populist distractions to avoid discussing actual policy plans.

by Remi Piet

Middle East

Arab leaders tackle regional crises at Jordan summit

Arab leaders are in Jordan to discuss ways to tackle a series of long-running regional crises. Despite calls for unity, member states remain divided on key issues, including the six-year war in Syria.