Human Rights

Old Main prison: A tour through American prison history

A look into the 1980 Old Main prison riot and the resulting institutionalisation of solitary confinement in US prisons.


Braving the cold to save the Arctic

Bernice Notenboom is a polar explorer on a mission to document the effects of climate change on this inhospitable land.


What mental illness means to me

Sufferers and survivors share their stories.

Women Make Change

Turning the page for feminism

Indian publisher Urvashi Butalia has given women and marginalised voices a platform for over three decades.

Human Rights

Banished: Why menstruation can mean exile.

Believed to be impure, some menstruating women in Nepal are forced from their homes - with sometimes deadly consequences.


A Short Story: Song of the Silver Birds

A tribute to the victims of the 1995 Srebrenica genocide.


Magazine: Dreams of Kurdistan

A journey through Kurdish identity.


24 Hours in Gaza

Al Jazeera examines what life is like for one Palestinian family living amongst the rubble of the Gaza Strip.


My father, a Pakistani prisoner of war in India

A daughter's tribute to the father who never recovered from his war wounds.


Ireland accused of whitewashing childbirth scandal

Hundreds of women who survived a horrific medical procedure and now want compensation feel betrayed by government.

Xenophobia Attacks

No place like home: Xenophobia in South Africa

It's the problem that just won't go away - attacks on foreigners in South Africa. Here, we get all sides of the story.


A bitter pill: How Syria broke my grandfather's heart

Once a successful pharmacy owner, my grandfather's days pass much more slowly now as he watches his country crumble.

Arab Spring

The fallen leaves of the Arab Spring

High hopes of 2011 replaced by self-searching as Middle East and North Africa reel from conflicts' devastating effects.


Texas death-row inmate eyes end to 'racist' justice

On eve of his scheduled execution – now stayed —Rodney Reed speaks to Al Jazeera on his case and the justice system.


Algerians suffer from French atomic legacy, 55 years on

Compensation scheme for victims of nuclear tests benefit few Saharan residents who experience cancers, blindness and birth defects.