Nigeria: 400,000 children at risk of famine

After army advance against Boko Haram in the north, many people found on brink of starvation amid humanitarian crises.

Battle for Aleppo

UN envoy: Aleppo residents at risk of extermination

UN envoy urges access to residents of eastern Aleppo as at least 51 civilians killed while fleeing the fighting.

Battle for Aleppo

East Aleppo 'catastrophic' as tens of thousands flee

Civilians fearful as fighting edges closer, with government campaign making advances on rebel-held area.

Battle for Mosul

Water supply cut off for half of Mosul

Almost 650,000 people in Mosul left without water after pipeline was hit during fighting between Iraqi forces and ISIL.

Battle for Aleppo

Aleppo: Up to 20,000 flee as government advances

France calls for emergency UN Security Council session as battles rage for control of Syria's second city.

Humanitarian crises

Save South Sudan from destroying itself

Urgent action is needed by the UN and the international community to stop the violence in South Sudan.

by Peter Biar Ajak
- Kuoth Wiel

Battle for Aleppo

Inside east Aleppo's last hospital: 'No space to walk'

East Aleppo's 'only hospital' struggles with damaged equipment, lack of space and an insufficient amount of supplies.


Week in Pictures : From Arbaeen to Thanksgiving

A photo round-up of some of last week's key events, from Arbaeen pilgrimage in Iraq to Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Middle East

Lebanon freezes plan for Ain al-Hilweh's 'racist wall'

Refugees say controversial wall is an attempt to further restrict their presence in the camp.

War & Conflict

'In our village, ISIL executed hundreds of people '

As the battle for Mosul enters its second month, thousands of Iraqis continue to flee ISIL.

Syria's Civil War

President Obama 'not optimistic' about Syria's future

Obama says Russian and Iranian involvement has made a viable opposition impossible as fighting continues on the ground.

Gaza: After the war

Gaza: Will the next war be the last?

It is clear that Israel is not prepared to tolerate another drawn-out conflict come the next war.

Humanitarian crises

Afghan refugees stranded in Serbia

As winter approaches and policies continue to harden against them, life for refugees becomes more difficult in Europe.


Yemen: No ceasefire deal with Houthis

Foreign minister says US secretary of state's ceasefire plan no agreement but just "a declaration which means nothing".


Scores feared dead as another boat capsizes off Libya

Rescue effort under way in the Mediterranean, with only 23 rescued so far from a boat carrying more than 120 people.