South Africa

The grandmothers running rural South Africa

Almost 1.5 million or 11% of all households in South Africa are now run by women over the age of 60


Germany: '10 attacks a day' against refugees

Hate crimes last year injured more than 500 asylum seekers, including 43 children, interior ministry says.


Jabal Mukaber faces Israel's collective punishment

Palestinians in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood have been threatened with residency revocation after recent attacks.

In the Field

Myanmar's Rohingya: Is Peace Possible?

Can the Muslim and Buddhist communities of Rakhine State come to an understanding under Aung San Suu Kyi's rule?

The Listening Post

Manila's nightcrawlers capture Duterte's drug war

Al Jazeera takes to the streets with the photojournalists documenting Philippine president's war on drugs.

Human Rights

Jordanians protest over price increases

Demonstrations across country oppose new taxes on goods and services and call on cabinet to resign amid economic crises.

Human Rights

UN: Sentence for Israeli soldier 'excessively lenient'

Rights office says 18 months for killing wounded Palestinian man after knife attack 'reinforces culture of impunity'.

Human Rights

Canada locking up hundreds of children each year

New report says children held alongside parents in immigration detention are at risk of 'serious' human rights abuses.


Is Israel winning?

Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett defends the end of the two-state solution in the era of Trump.

Middle East

Israel says no more visas for 'biased' HRW staff

Israeli authorities reject Human Rights Watch request for work permit, accusing it of having a 'pro-Palestinian' agenda.

Human Rights

Calls for calm ahead of anti-migrant rally in S Africa

A march protesting against migrants is due to be held in South Africa's capital on Friday, raising fears of violence.


Palestinian diaspora gathers for 'a common vision'

The meeting in Istanbul comes at a crucial time for the Palestinian national struggle.

United States

White House rolls back federal transgender protections

Donald Trump withdraws Obama-era guidance allowing transgender students to use bathrooms matching their gender identity.

Inside Story

Who should stand up for human rights?

Amnesty International says the world has become a darker place, with a rise in 'divisive and dangerous' politics.

Human Rights

Mexican man kills himself after third US deportation

Sinaloa state native Guadalupe Olivas Valencia threw himself to his death by jumping off a bridge, authorities say.