Human Rights

Arab journalists urge Egypt to free Al Jazeera reporter

The Federation of Arab Journalists calls for the release of Mahmoud Hussein, who was detained by Egypt on December 20.

Talk to Al Jazeera

Gabriela Michetti: 'We told the truth'

Argentina's vice president talks 'false' corruption claims, economic woes and Panama Papers allegations.

Counting the Cost

Global inequality: Bridging the gap

Can the World Economic Forum - or new President Trump - make a difference to the growing global wealth imbalance?

Human Rights

Disappeared: Silencing Pakistan's activists

Rights groups say blasphemy allegations against disappeared activists aim to silent dissent for good.

Human Rights

Protests erupt in Gaza as electricity crisis deepens

In many areas, Palestinians received only three hours of electricity at a time, punctuated by 12-hour blackouts.

War & Conflict

Week in pictures: From fire in Iran to US protests

From protests in the US, to cargo plane crash in Kyrgyzstan, and jubilation in Gambia, here is the week in pictures.


UN chief: Thousands of children fighting in Somalia

UN's Antonio Guterres concerned over new report saying nearly 6,200 children were recruited over a six year period.

Human Rights

UN: 40% of Syrian children in Turkey not in school

Risk of 'lost generation' as UN agency says 380,000 Syrian child refugees miss formal education at present in Turkey.

Human Rights

Malaysia: Muslim countries should end Rohingya crisis

Malaysia PM Najib Razak warns that Rohingya could be 'infiltrated' by ISIL if their plight is not solved.

Human Rights

Palestinians in Israel strike after deadly Negev raid

Palestinians in Israel protest in cities across the country after home demolition raid turned deadly in Um al Hiran.

People & Power

Hong Kong's Localist Revolutionaries

Why a new group of radical activists in Hong Kong are calling for greater autonomy - and even independence - from China.

Human Rights

US top court hears case of Muslims detained after 9/11

Supreme Court weighs case by Muslims to decide whether men alleging religious discrimination had right to sue officials.

Human Rights

Romanians protest against plan to pardon prisoners

Government says move is needed to reduce overcrowded prisons, but opposition allege it will set back anti-graft drive.


Jordan cracks down on activists over social media posts

Eight activists, including retired army generals and teachers, charged over anti-government statements.

Inside Story

Have anti-terror laws gone too far?

Amnesty International suggests basic human rights are being eroded across Europe, perhaps permanently.