United States

Why are so many Native Americans killed by the police?

We explore systemic violence in Arizona where the highest number of Native Americans were killed by police in 2016.

International Women's Day

Why are so many women still dying in childbirth?

In the last 25 years more than 10 million women have died worldwide due to pregnancy related issues.

Human Rights

Authorities ban social media in Kashmir after protests

Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp among apps temporarily banned by authorities in Indian-administered Kashmir.


Will Jordan abolish a law that protects rapists?

Women's activists say they are closer than ever to abolishing Article 308, which pardons rapists who marry their victim.

Human Rights

Ex-inmates hail plan to close 'Torture Island' prison

We explore the dark history of the New York prison and ask if it is a symbol of racially biased mass incarceration.


UN calls for probe into killing of Maldives blogger

Prominent blogger Yameen Rasheed died after he was found at his Male apartment with multiple stab wounds.

Middle East

Hunger striking Palestinian leader's 'health declining'

Palestinian leader refuses medical treatment after joining hunger strike with 1,100 other prisoners in Israel, NGO says.

Human Rights

Israel punishes hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners

Israeli authorities look to quell mass hunger strike through solitary confinement and punitive measures.


Arkansas death row inmates ask court to halt executions

Legal challenges aim to stop executions in US state as constitutional debate focuses on lethal injection drug.

Middle East

Rights group seeks end to military aid for Egypt

US and others urged to cut military aid to Egypt after video of apparent summary executions surfaces.

Humanitarian crises

Week in pictures: Kashmir protests to Palestine rally

From protests in Kashmir and Venezuela to a rally in Palestine and celebrations in Turkey, here is the week in photos.


Cameroon military court convicts journalist

Ahmed Abba, in jail since July 2015 over his reporting on Boko Haram, could face death penalty, according to his lawyer.

Syria's Civil War

Syrian refugees in Lebanon struggling with health needs

A Lebanese NGO is supporting Syrian refugees with mobile clinics.


On the trail of the trade in human body parts

In Malawi, people with albinism are being killed for their bones. Al Jazeera investigates what is driving these murders.