Indonesia: Measles, chickenpox kill dozens of children

Church leaders in the remote Indonesian province of Papua are saying that the number of children that have died from measles, malnutrition and chickenpox is higher than the official number reported by the government.


Indonesia admits slow response to Papua's health crisis

The health crisis comes as a blow to Indonesian President Joko Widodo, who had promised to bring welfare to the Papuans.


Why Nepal's 'menstruation huts' are still killing women

Campaigners call on Nepali authorities to step up efforts to demystify menstruation after chauupadi claims another life.

Why menstrual stigma continues to claim lives in Nepal


Forced at 15: The young brides of Niger

How young girls in the West African country are fighting back against child marriage.

Forced at 15: The young brides of Niger


France dairy giant reveals salmonella outbreak extent

At least 83 countries have been affected by a salmonella outbreak at one of the world's largest dairy firms. More than 30 children have been poisoned in France alone.


Zambia cholera crisis: 'Burying people by the hundreds'

Zambia's government says it will ease some of the emergency measures it introduced to stamp out a cholera outbreak that has killed at least 72 people.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Conflict, flooding and cholera worsen DR Congo plight

There is a military operation against an armed group accused of killing peacekeepers, widespread flooding has destroyed many homes, and a major cholera outbreak has plagued the country.


Is Zambia making progress in its fight against cholera?

Officials say international school and some shopping centres to reopen, but residents remain worried about the disease.

Zambians worried despite 'progress' against cholera

US & Canada

Pennsylvania governor declares emergency for opioid epidemic

Governor Tom Wolfe has declared a state of emergency over the opioid epidemic - making Pennsylvania the eighth state to invoke a state of emergency.


The Paramedics of Jerusalem

Palestinian ambulances can be stopped at any checkpoint, adding to journey times. These delays can be life threatening.


Zambia: Army operation to stamp out cholera outbreak

Zambia has launched a major military operation to clamp down on a cholera outbreak.


NHS: Beloved but beleaguered at 70

The UK's pioneering health service is facing a raft of challenges as it enters its seventh decade.


UK: NHS delays non-urgent operations after winter pressures

Particularly high levels of seasonal sickness this winter have strained Britain's National Health Service capacity after years of doctors complaining that successive governments were starving the agency of funding.


Peace in Colombia boosts health service availability

The peace deal with leftist FARC rebels in Colombia is facilitating the delivery of medical services to areas that were previously hard to reach.


Zambia deploys army to fight cholera outbreak

President Edgar Lungu directs military to help fight a cholera outbreak that has claimed 41 lives since late September.

Zambia deploys army to fight cholera outbreak


'Bruised and denied care': Palestinian teen out on bail

Suffering from injuries, Fawzi al-Junaidi, 16, is released from Israeli detention and will face trial in January 2018.

'Bruised and denied care': Fawzi al-Junaidi out on bail