Senegal's cancer patients struggle for treatment

Patients have nowhere to turn after the country's only radiation therapy machine stopped functioning in 2016.


Ebola epidemic fuelled by 'super-spreaders'

Scientists say small percentage of people were the cause of most cases of Ebola virus that ravaged West Africa in 2014.


Kenya jails doctors' officials as strike crisis deepens

Doctors' union cancels government talks after officials are hit with 30-day jail term over strike at public hospitals.

Sierra Leone

Opioids: Sierra Leone's newest public health emergency

Opiate addiction has become increasingly common in Sierra Leone, where there are few avenues for drug rehabilitation.


In Kenya, doctors' strike leaves a nation ailing

With public sector doctors and the government at an impasse, patients are beginning to overwhelm private hospitals.


Cataracts in Zanzibar, one boy's journey towards sight

Low-cost, easily treatable and preventable conditions cause blindness for millions of people worldwide.


Brazil yellow fever 'kills hundreds of monkeys'

Dozens of humans and over 600 monkeys reportedly dead in rainforest region amid country's worst outbreak in decades.


Americans split over replacing Obamacare

The United States is once again debating how to pay for healthcare coverage, though a breakthrough is unlikely.


Drugs and bullets in Myanmar

As more people in Kachin fall victim to drug abuse, Christian group Pat Jasan is taking matters into its own hands.


House of women in Paris, supports victims of abuse, FGM

Female victims of violence can get medical and psychological help - from reconstructive surgery, to therapy, to support.


Kenya's Maasai and Samburu becoming women without FGM

'When my parents called the [cutter for my sister], I warned the district officer. Our generation can bring change.'


Could decriminalising sex work reduce HIV rates?

South African activists call for the decriminalisation of sex work to protect human rights and reduce spread of HIV.

People & Power

Uganda's Health Pyramid

We investigate allegations involving a Chinese billionaire and a controversial alternative health scheme in Africa.



Life for residents in the US city of Flint who've struggled for nearly 3 years with a toxic water supply.


Six heroin labs destroyed in Afghan drug crackdown

Raids conducted in country that is not only a world leader in producing drugs, but also a leading consumer.