WHO: Smoking will kill eight million a year by 2030

Study conducted with US National Cancer Institute says 80 percent of deaths occur in low and middle-income countries.


China to launch 'environmental police' force

World's largest greenhouse gas emitter will deploy squad targeting polluters to combat toxic air crisis.


Red Cross warns of humanitarian crisis in UK hospitals

Charity calls on government to make more funds available as it helps NHS cope with increased demand for health services.


Madhu Singhal: Champion for Indians with disabilities

Madhu has worked for 26 years to help make people with disabilities educated, independent, and self-reliant.


Scientists link dementia risk to living near busy roads

Study suggests air pollutants that can get into the brain via the bloodstream can lead to neurological problems.

People & Power

India: The Burning City

We investigate how an underground fire that has been burning for 100 years has led to one of India's largest land grabs.

Mental health

'Devil Boy': Down's syndrome in Sierra Leone

In a country that demonises mental disabilities, a mother recalls the journey of her community's acceptance and remorse.

Humanitarian crises

Tharparkar: The history and culture amid catastrophe

Away from the misery, the region boasts a rich cultural and religious heritage.


Boy with epilepsy finds 'normal life' with cannabis oil

Bruno Delgadillo suffered as many as 300 seizures a day before medical cannabis brought his condition under control.


Traditional Bolivian healers tackle diabetes crisis

Bolivia teams up with traditional healers to help diabetics who are cautious of modern medicine.


Sudanese miners risk health for gold

Miners in rural Sudan use mercury and cyanide to separate gold, which leads to health issues.


Toxic liquor kills 42 after Christmas parties in Punjab

More than 150 people. mostly Christians, taken to clinics in eastern Pakistan.


Polish doctors hide pregnancy risks to limit abortions

By refusing to reveal details to expectant mothers, such as genetic conditions, doctors hope to reduce terminations.


South Korea culls 15 percent of poultry stock

More than 22.5 million poultry killed amid the worst bird flu epidemic in farms across South Korea in recent times.


Google launches public toilet locator in Delhi

Initiative pinpoints more than 5,000 toilets as part of government's nationwide campaign against open defecation.