Senegal: Poor sanitation put lives at risk

More than two billion people in the world have no access to proper toilet facilities. Many lives are lost through diseases as a result. In Senegal, rights groups are pushing for massive investment in water and sanitation infrastructure.


Malawi: People with albinism 'living in fear'

Rights group bemoans slow pace of justice after attacks, including murders, leaving those with albinism feel vulnerable.


Longevity: Journey into the blue zone

We look into the science of the blue zone, regions where people live extremely long lives.

US & Canada

Women in rural US battle drug abuse and depression

White women in the US are now living shorter and unhealthier lives. The problem is hitting women in rural areas the hardest. Research shows drug abuse and depression are taking their toll, but some communities are finding ways to fight back.

US & Canada

US women's health: Mortality rates rise in rural areas

White women in the US are living shorter, unhealthier lives, and those living in rural areas are hardest hit. The trend is being blamed in part on drug use and a lack of opportunity.

Asia Pacific

Indonesia's purple squad rescues abandoned elders

A growing number of elderly people suffering from Alzheimer's disease are being found abandoned in Indonesia.


Four countries at risk of mass starvation, says UN

Appeal made for $4bn as mix of drought and conflict threatens 20 million in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen.


Seattle plans first safe drug-injection sites in the US

Amid an opioid crisis, the city is considering launching sites where users can consume drugs under medical supervision.

US & Canada

Canada aims to legalise recreational use of marijuana

Country looks set to join growing list of nations and US states that allow legal, recreational use of cannabis.


Curing Cancer

An innovative gene therapy has produced a significant breakthrough that could lead to a cure for cancer.


Inside Sri Lanka's oldest leprosy hospital

Erected in 1708, the Hendala Leprosy Hospital once had 900 patients. Fewer than 30 remain.

Latin America

Brazil braces for yellow fever outbreak

Brazil is facing its worst yellow fever outbreak in 40 years. There are nearly 600 confirmed cases in humans. Another 450 are being investigated. Most cases have been confined to a couple of states in the southeast.


Indonesia set to expand tobacco production despite health costs

Over the past 25 years, there's been no significant reduction in the number of smokers in Indonesia - nearly 75 percent of men still light up. In fact, the government is planning to produce more tobacco.


Born in Gaza: The deadly blockade

The story of a family trying to get their sick infant son out of Gaza to save his life.

Middle East

Autism Awareness Day: Student success stories in Doha

Millions around the world have some form of autism, but understanding of the condition behind autism remains limited. Qatar is helping to change that by investing in training and research centres so that kids can integrate into normal schools and society