One year under Trump

Trump's America: An 'attack' on climate change fight

US president is rolling back the country's efforts to fight climate change. Here's a look at what he has done so far.

One year under Trump: 'Attack' on climate change fight

Latin America

World's longest underwater cave found in Mexico

What is thought to be the world's largest underwater cave has been discovered off the eastern coast of Mexico in the Yucatan Peninsula - and it is around 350km-long.

South Africa

'Day Zero': Will Cape Town shut off water of 3m people?

Taps in the drought-hit South African city could be turned off by April 21.

Cape Town confronts looming 'Day Zero' water crisis

Democratic Republic of Congo

Conflict, flooding and cholera worsen DR Congo plight

There is a military operation against an armed group accused of killing peacekeepers, widespread flooding has destroyed many homes, and a major cholera outbreak has plagued the country.


Peru Dakar rally: Palaeontologists worry about geoglyphs

In Peru, palaeontologists and archaeologists have warned that the Dakar rally poses a serious risk to parts of the country's unique geological fabric, one of the world's largest geoglyphs.

Middle East

Gaza: No way to properly dispose of waste

Piles of garbage in Gaza are now putting public health at risk.

Asia Pacific

Papua New Guinea's forests are being destroyed

Is the government of Papua New Guinea turning a blind eye while the country's forests are destroyed?

United Kingdom

UK's May to eliminate 'avoidable plastic waste' by 2042

Millions of tonnes of plastics enter the oceans every year, and some take hundreds of years to biodegrade.

Democratic Republic of Congo

DRC floods leave 45 dead, thousands homeless

Floods in the middle of a cholera outbreak bring misery and death to densely packed Kinshasa.

United States

California mudslides: At least 17 killed, thousands evacuated

Torrents of mud overran roads and upscale neighbourhoods in the wake of heavy rains near Santa Barbara.

Asia Pacific

Disaster alert for stricken oil tanker in East China Sea

The tanker, Sanchi, is carrying 136,000 tonnes of light crude oil.

Asia Pacific

Asian leaders discuss Mekong River's future

There are worries about the environmental impact of hydroelectric dams, especially those in China.

US & Canada

California mudslides: At least 17 killed, hundreds still trapped

The mudslide struck the US Route 101 highway that connects Santa Barbara and Los Angeles near Montecito.


The centuries-old village swallowed by the sea

As rising seas and coastal erosion threaten an Ivory Coast village, neighbours are in a fight over dwindling resources.

'It may disappear': Ocean threatens Ivory Coast village


Deadly Iranian oil tanker collision probed

An Iranian oil tanker has collided with a freighter off the coast of China. The search for survivors has expanded to find 32 people who are still missing.