Nepal restores cultural sites after earthquake

It has been two years since a powerful earthquake hit Nepal and killed more than 9,000 people. Local communities are now trying to restore the capital city's cultural heritage.


Winners of Goldman Environmental 2017 Prize Announced

For the past 27 years, the San Francisco-based Goldman Environmental Foundation has awarded annual prizes to grassroots activists. The $170,000 awards are given each year to six individuals - one from each of the world's six geographic regions.


The science of water sustainability

A look at solutions for water scarcity from fog catching nets to water-efficient washing machines.



Are science and activism compatible?

Inside Story

Can people power change the anti-science agenda?

Millions of people join scientists and activists calling on governments to respect and encourage science-based policies.

Science & Technology

Science supporters mass worldwide against 'attacks'

Global event aimed to promote an understanding of science and defend it from proposed government budget cuts.

Asia Pacific

Philippines shuts down mining operations

The environment agency in the Philippines has cancelled at least 70 large-scale mining contracts. The government says it is stepping up its campaign to stop extraction in what it describes as 'critical areas' in the south of the country.


The Earth versus capitalism

Unfortunately, as of Earth Day 2017, capitalism is winning the war it has been waging against the planet.

by Belen Fernandez

Middle East

Gaza energy shortage adds to plight of residents

Crisis takes its toll on territory's two million people already trapped by Israeli and Egyptian border blockades.


Earth Day - Be more environmentally friendly

April 22 marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern green movement in 1970.

US & Canada

US environment agency vows to fight lead contamination

The head of the US Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, has vowed to save a city that's water supply is contaminated by lead.

Asia Pacific

Hong Kong tackles rubbish crisis

Hong Kong produces around 3,380 tonnes of food waste per day, but landfill space is fast running out. To tackle the problem, the government is building an incinerator and an organic waste plant.


Sri Lanka authorities struggling to move rubbish dump

A mountain of rubbish that collapsed in Sri Lanka, killing more than 30 people, could be on the move again. Experts say the Colombo dump remains unstable, but authorities are struggling to find somewhere to put it.


Revisiting Elsipogtog: The Fire Over Water

In 2013 we travelled to New Brunswick, Canada after protests by indigenous people against fracking had been suppressed.


Sri Lanka: Anger grows after rubbish dump collapse

Deadly 'man-made disaster' could have been avoided, residents say, as grim search operation continues for fourth day.