Zambia: Farmers encouraged to plant drought-resistant crops

The Zambian government is building more maize storage facilities and trying to encourage farmers to grow drought-resistant crops such as millet, sorghum and cassava.


California wildfires one of 'greatest tragedies': Gov. Brown

California Governor Jerry Brown visited fire zones on Saturday to meet emergency responders and residents.


California wildfires in numbers

Wildfires in California have declined in numbers over the years, but their damage and size have grown.

California wildfires in numbers


Transforming the garden state into the pipeline state

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie wants to run a pipeline through America's oldest natural reserve, the Pinelands.

Kim Kelly

by Kim Kelly

Kim Kelly


Zambia's lead mining poisoning children

Zambia's economy was built on mining. But more than a century later children are still feeling the aftereffects of years of toxins polluting the environment.


S Africa shack-dwellers 'most affected' by deadly storm

Officials scamper to fix city as storm hits areas around South Africa's third-largest city, killing at least eight.

Picking up the pieces after horrific Durban storm


Northern California wildfires flare anew

Death toll climbs to 21 and expected to rise as thousands of firefighters continue to battle 22 blazes across US region.


US: EPA announces withdrawal of Clean Power Plan

Environmentalists in the US have slammed the Trump administration for sending the wrong message on climate change.


California wildfires cause deadly havoc

Death toll rises to 15 with thousands left homeless in wine country as Trump declares major disaster in western US state.


Deadly wildfires hit Northern California

At least 11 people have been killed and more than 1,500 structures damaged as wildfires fan across parts California.

In pictures: Deadly wildfires hit Northern California


Canada warns over illegal poaching of American Ginseng plants

Picking the herb is illegal in Canada, where there are fears poaching is on the rise due to the high prices ginseng fetches in East Asia.

US & Canada

EPA chief Scott Pruitt announces withdrawal of clean power plan

The Trump administration is taking aim at yet another Obama-era climate change initiative. The head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says rules limiting pollution from power plants are to be scrapped.


Colombian authorities to close unique animal refuge

Villa Lorena in Colombia's third city of Cali is a unique animal refuge. For two decades, abused animals seized from drug lords or the circus have been sheltered there. But now environmental authorities say the refuge must close.

Risking it all

A treacherous journey through Bolivia's Amazon

Bolivians risk snake and insect bites harvesting Brazil nuts, as lorry drivers face landslides to deliver the nuts.

Middle East

Kurdish farmers say Iran reduced water supply over secession vote

While Iraq has taken measures against its semi-autonomous Kurdish region for last month's secession vote, Kurdish farmers say they're also being punished by neighbouring Iran.