Waiting for unfulfilled promises in Bangladesh-India enclaves

A year after Bangladesh and India swapped enclaves they held inside each others borders, many residents are still waiting for promises to be kept.

Business & Economy

Q&A: 'Africa is very capable to taking care of itself'

AU ambassador to the United States on colonisation, hate crimes and changing the narrative of the continent.

Q&A with AU ambassador to US Arikana Chihombori-Quao

Poverty & Development

Long-term effects of oil spills in Bodo, Nigeria

Environmental devastation, ruined economy and deteriorating health afflict Bodo community years after Shell oil spill.

Long-term effects of oil spills in Bodo, Nigeria

Counting the Cost

Brexit: A threat to Britain's food security?

We discuss whether the UK's divorce from the European Union could come at the cost of food security.

Talk to Al Jazeera

Saad al-Kaabi: 'The blockade has made Qatar stronger'

The Qatar Petroleum chief discusses the impact of the Qatar-Gulf crisis on the oil and gas industry.

Asia Pacific

South Korea ‘blind hiring’ to combat appearance-obsessed culture

Getting a job can be a challenging for young people in South Korea, where youth unemployment is over 10 percent.

Inside Story

How long can Nicolas Maduro cling to power?

Venezuela's opposition keeps up its pressure on the embattled president, calling for further protests.

US & Canada

Detroit fears Trump will reverse its economic revival

Administration is planning to cut back on aid to cities such as Detroit, which has left many worried that its revival will not last.


Qatar weighs seeking damages over Gulf blockade

Economy minister discusses compensation with trade officials in Geneva as legal team prepares to study the sanctions.

Qatar considers seeking damages over Gulf blockade


Dutch fishermen worried about losing access to British waters

Dutch fishermen fear they could be hit hard by Brexit.

Poverty & Development

Nepal: Economic migrants spark unlikely shifts in power

No country in the world is more reliant on remittances than Nepal, where it makes up 32 percent of the GDP.

Nepal: Economic migrants spark unlikely shifts in power

US & Canada

US unveils tough NAFTA renegotiation strategy

US outlines tough negotiating strategy for revising the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement with Mexico and Canada.

US seeks lower trade deficit in NAFTA renegotiation


Barbershop Detroit: Life in 'Motown' after Bankruptcy

Robert and Larry keep the spirit of 'Motown' alive in their barbershop despite the city's decline.

Middle East

Libyan businesses struggling to stay afloat amid crisis

In Libya, many are struggling to get the basics of everyday life. Many businesses have shut down during three years of civil war.

Latin America

Mongolia to focus on renewable energy with Japanese backing

Mongolia's first commercial solar plant is now supplying the central electricity grid.