Counting the Cost

Lebanon: The economic cost of Saudi's power play

What does Saudi Arabia's regional power struggle mean for Lebanon's economy and the Lebanese living in the Gulf region?

Counting the Cost

Venezuela in default: What next?

As the oil-rich country fails to pay its debt, we examine what happens next and what it means for its people.


World Architecture Festival: Earthquake rehousing wins

A home for earthquake survivors has won the prize for building of the year at the World Architecture Festival in Berlin.

Latin America

NAFTA: US-grown corn threatens Mexican crop heritage

US President Donald Trump has vowed to make the North American Free Trade Agreement better serve US interests, but Mexicans are concerned that cheap US imports are destroying Mexico's cultural relationship with its traditional maize varieties.


Will Saudis impose Qatar-style blockade on Lebanon?

Potential sanctions against Lebanon could include a ban on flights, visas, exports and transfer of remittances.

Will Saudis impose Qatar-style blockade on Lebanon?

Latin America

Venezuela debt crisis adds to its humanitarian woes

Venezuela missed a second deadline for a large payment on its debt due in October, and is now facing humanitarian and debt crises.

Business & Economy

Ex-industrial hub in Germany banking on tourism

The Ruhr region of Germany was once the nation's industrial hub but has fallen into decline. Now one of its major cities is capitalising on its powerhouse past and hoping that tourism can help recharge its economy.

Counting the Cost

The cost of Saudi Arabia's purge

As Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's anti-corruption purge widens, we ask how much money is at stake.

Latin America

Guatemala upcycles decommissioned US school buses

Hundreds of decommissioned school buses from the US are driven south to Guatemala every month.

Asia Pacific

Singles Day shopping spree smashes record in China

The world's biggest online shopping spree Singles Day has opened in China and it's already breaking records.

Asia Pacific

TPP trade deals forge ahead without US involvement

Members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact have agreed to move forward without involvement from the United States.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump arrives in Vietnam for APEC summit

Trump joins world leaders gathered for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Vietnam.

Business & Economy

Restoration of Sudan's ship fleet to take years

Sudan’s business community has to wait at least two years for the country to rebuild its merchant fleet and main sea port.