Counting the Cost

Is Myanmar's jade business driving ethnic tensions?

How Myanmar's jade trade, land grabs and vested economic interests contribute to what the UN calls "ethnic cleansing".

Latin America

Cuba struggles to recover after Hurricane Irma

The tourism industry in Caibarien is vital for Cuba's economy. But the city is currently overwhelmed by the magnitude of devastation left by Hurricane Irma, the strongest storm on record to form in the Atlantic.

Counting the Cost

Apple's iPhone economy

A look at the economics of an iPhone and how Apple became the most profitable company in the world.


India to invest $17bn on Japanese bullet trains

Japanese premier Shinzo Abe hails new 'strategic and global partnership in the Indian-Pacific region'.

India to invest $17bn on Japanese bullet trains

Business & Economy

Trump blocks Chinese purchase of US semiconductor maker

Decision follows ruling by federal panel against proposed $1.3bn deal between Lattice Semiconductor and Canyon Bridge.

Trump blocks Chinese purchase of Lattice Semiconductor


Gold miner's woes cloud Greece's investment skies

Canada's Eldorado mining firm threatens to pull out amid permit impasse, threatening 2,400 jobs and a $3bn investment.

Gold miner's woes cloud Greece's investment skies


Europe's largest arms fair opens in the UK

Britain's international trade secretary has claimed the UK's arms industry, worth nearly $8bn a year, is vital for global security. Liam Fox was speaking at the opening of of the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI 2017).

Asia Pacific

Battle for Marawi: Conflict takes toll on local economy

The Philippine army continues to fight an ISIL-linked group which had besieged the city of Marawi on the southern island of Mindanao. Martial law was imposed in May and since then, the conflict has negatively impacted the local economy.

Middle East

Iran signs deal to repair Syria's power grid

Agreement points to the role Tehran is expected to play in the reconstruction of war-torn Syria.

Iran signs deal to repair Syria's power grid


Zimbabwe ruling elite linked to 'disappearing diamonds'

Top security and political leaders secretly profiting from Zimbabwe's diamond reserves, anti-corruption group alleges.

Zimbabwe ruling elite linked to 'disappearing diamonds'


Russia eyes potential investors at Army 2017 weapons fair

Russia's second biggest defence contractor is celebrating a deal selling a minority stake in the company to investors from the Gulf. The cash injection is welcome in a country isolated from many traditional investment channels by US and EU sanction

Counting the Cost

N Korea unfazed by talks of increasing sanctions

Pyongyang's nuclear weapons programme is full steam ahead in the face of increasing US-led international sanctions.

Talk to Al Jazeera

Delcy Rodriguez: No humanitarian crisis in Venezuela

The president of the new Constituent Assembly on allegations of abuse of power and Venezuela's economic crisis.

US & Canada

US: Hurricane Harvey leaves Texan cotton growers in despair

Hurricane Harvey has killed more than 60 people and caused billions of dollars’ worth of damage in the US state of Texas. Damages to the state's agriculture include one of its main crops: cotton.


Brexit supporter hopes to send message to UK politicians

The British parliament will begin discussing the next step of the Brexit process today. Al Jazeera revisits one Brexit supporter who is hoping to send a message to politicians