Middle East

US electronics ban for Middle East flights draws doubts

Gulf carriers have expanded their foothold in the US in recent years, prompting anger from US airlines.

Latin America

China, EU suspend Brazil imports after meat scandal

The fallout from a tainted meat scandal in Brazil is deepening. Despite assurances from President Michel Temer, some of the largest importers, including China, Chile and the EU have decided to halt purchases of beef and poultry from the country.


South Africa: Cape Town gentrification destroys lives of the poor

Property developers buying and renovating old buildings are driving up prices and rents. Some poor families in Cape Town face being moved out, and it's evoking painful memories of apartheid in South Africa.

War & Conflict

Cambodia rejects paying 'dirty debt' to the US

Cambodia-US relations will further deteriorate if Trump insists on collecting debt incurred by an illegitimate regime.

by Vannarith Chheang

Latin America

Brazil's rotten meat scandal prompts major import bans

Crisis deepens in world's biggest beef and poultry-exporting nation as China and EU react to health certificate scandal.

Middle East

Iran's Khamenei criticises government's economic record

Supreme leader says economy has stumbled, but President Hassan Rouhani touts 'unprecedented' economic growth.


Germany-Japan ties: Leaders speak up for free trade

Shinzo Abe and Angela Merkel have used a technology fair to try to inject new momentum into a trade deal between Japan and the EU.

Business & Economy

Into the green land: Emerald mining in Colombia

Emerald seekers scour Colombia's Muzo Valley, searching for the gem that could lift them out of poverty.

Middle East

Syria's war widows receive job training

About 100 women in Idlib, many of them widows, are receiving job training from a non-profit group called the Massarat organisation.

Latin America

Back to reality: Waves of deported Mexicans struggle to survive

More undocumented migrants in the US are being targeted for deportation under President Donald Trump's immigration crackdown. It could affect up to six million Mexicans living there.


G20 fails to agree on free trade endorsement

Trump's anti-globalisation agenda wins against the bloc's decade-old tradition of rejecting protectionism.

Counting the Cost

Assessing Donald Trump's budget proposal

If approved, Trump's budget plan would increase military spending while 18 other agencies will experience budgets cuts.


Argentine union steps up pressure on president

Strike call made as salary negotiations between governments and teachers' unions delay start of school for children.

Business & Economy

Sierra Leone pastor unearths huge 706-carat diamond

Government says gem will be sold with a 'transparent' bidding process to the benefit of the community and country.


Mongolia government seeks IMF financial support

Five years ago, Mongolia was one of the world’s fastest growing economies thanks to exports of copper and gold. But that all came undone when commodity prices crashed. Now Mongolia is turning to the International Monetary Fund for help.