India's demonetisation quagmire and its victims

The demonetisation move by the Indian government will not achieve its goals, but it will hurt ordinary people.

by Prabhat Patnaik


India's Modi defends clampdown on cash economy

While PM has been praised for his intentions, he is facing flak from political opponents and prominent economists.

Counting the Cost

Game of oil: Behind the OPEC deal

OPEC member nations have agreed to cut oil production, but how will the deal affect the global economy?

Inside Story

Will OPEC's deal to cut production work?

OPEC member nations agreed to cut oil output at a meeting in Vienna, which could mean lower supplies and higher prices.

Business & Economy

Inside Iran's 'Silicon Valley'

Young Iranians are creating startups with unprecedented success.

Oil Price

Oil prices surge as OPEC reaches production deal

Oil price jumps to $50 as OPEC members agree to cut production by 1.2 million barrels per day from January 2017.

Business & Economy

Canada greenlights controversial oil pipelines

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says approval of the two contentious pipelines "is in the best interest of Canada".

Oil Price

OPEC seeks to nail down oil output cut in Vienna

OPEC members are meeting in Vienna in an attempt to stabilise the global market by cutting oil output.


US sees largest protests calling for $15 minimum wage

Hundreds arrested after "Fight for $15" rallies take place in cities and at some airports across the United States.


Taliban offer 'security' for copper, gas projects

Armed group behind much of the violence over the past 15 years, frightening off investors despite its vast resources.

Business & Economy

Some 1,700 flights cancelled as Lufthansa pilots strike

The German airline slashes hundreds of flights after failing to block latest strike with temporary court injunction.


Tens of thousands protest against India cash ban

India still reeling from shock decision three weeks ago to pull 86 percent of the currency from circulation overnight.


Sudan's price hike 'a huge disaster' for the poor

Sudanese respond to a civil disobedience call against new austerity measures.

Counting the Cost

China: The world's new champion of free trade?

We look at what it means for developing countries when the US decides to take a protectionist stance.


Lufthansa pilots extend strike over pay dispute

Pilots at German airline extend strike to Saturday, leaving tens of thousands of passengers stranded.