Are used clothes donated to charity harming Senegal?

Donated to charity, used clothing is big business with 18,500 tonnes imported each year to the West African nation.

Business & Economy

The Brazilian hangover: When the party ends

It is unlikely that Brazil will be able to pursue a prominent role in the international arena before 2019.

by Ramon Blanco

Poverty & Development

The bitter taste of Madagascan vanilla

In the world's top vanilla exporting country farmers live in poverty and constant fear of losing their crop to theft.

Business & Economy

China to suspend coal imports from North Korea

Country loses crucial source of foreign exchange following latest missile test as China implements UN sanctions.

Counting the Cost

Exploring the world's digital future

What countries or region will lead the next wave of innovation?

Inside Story

Are political ties of S Korean businesses unravelling?

Tech giant Samsung's chief arrested as several of country's big firms implicated in political corruption scandal.

Business & Economy

Samsung heir arrested over bribery allegations

JY Lee is first leader in electronics firm's history to be held on criminal charges as part of a corruption probe.


Demonetisation in India: 'My mother died because of it'

From people who lost jobs, to people who lost loved ones - seven stories that reveal the impact of demonetisation.

Business & Economy

How Indians dodged government's 'black money' clampdown

'[Black money] is gonna return to the same amount... There are loopholes. In India, there is a loophole for everything.'


Toshiba chairman quits as firm posts $6.3bn loss

Shares in Japanese electronics and energy giant dropped eight percent after delaying financial results by a month.

Business & Economy

Rolls-Royce logs record $5.8bn loss

A fine to settle bribery charges and the collapse in the pound took their toll on British engine maker in 2016.

Latin America

Massive anti-Trump rallies staged across Mexico

Marches get under way in some 20 cities across country to protest US President Trump's anti-Mexican rhetoric.

Counting the Cost

Philippines mining shutdown

Can the world's largest producer of nickel ore really live without its metals industry?


Yanis Varoufakis: Grexit 'never went away'

'Epidemic' caused by Greece may lead to collapse of the European Union, says former Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis.

Business & Economy

India asks UK to send back fugitive liquor tycoon

'Formal request' made for extradition of Vijay Mallya to face trial for financial fraud and defaulting on loan payments.