United States

US actors use Golden Globe stage to criticise Trump

Acceptance speeches at the 2017 Golden Globe awards used to attack and pillory the US president-elect.

Street Food

Lima: Peru's food revolution

As Peru struggles to define its modern self, are the country's culinary traditions the key to a better future?

Arts & Culture

India: For the love of second-hand books

The second-hand book stalls at the Vijayawada Book Festival intrigue customers with a dose of nostalgia.

Street Food

Street food Palermo: A melting pot in the Mediterranean

We discover how Sicily's multicultural past has shaped the island's unique cuisine and traditional street food culture.


Bollywood star Om Puri dies after cardiac arrest

Indian cinema icon who acted for more than 40 years dies at 66 after suffering a heart attack in Mumbai.

101 East

China's Super Mums

101 East explores the tradition of confinement for new mothers in modern China and the growing industry behind it.


State of Play: E-Sports in South Korea

As e-sports boom globally, Lee Jae-dong reveals what it takes to be a champion in S Korea where gamers are celebrities.


Istanbul was our past, Istanbul is our future

This attack is on the culture of tolerance, on the pluralism of Muslim countries that is represented in Istanbul.

by Hamid Dabashi

Arts & Culture

Prominent cultural critic John Berger dies aged 90

Author of "Ways of Seeing", considered an influential thinker of 20th century, passes on at the age of 90 in Paris.


UK authors help kids unleash creative writing skills

A London charity run by successful novelists provides writing programmes for children from low-income backgrounds.

Arts & Culture

Revellers gather early for New Year's Eve celebrations

Huge crowds gather for New Year's Eve celebrations as famed Sydney Harbour Bridge is set to explode in colour.

Arts & Culture

Peju Alatise: The Nigerian artist transcending barriers

The respected artist talks about challenging the status quo in Nigeria and abroad.

Humanitarian crises

Week in Pictures: From Philippines to Brazil

Tributes to singer George Michael, traditional new year celebrations in Brazil and a blast in Afghanistan.

Arts & Culture

Winning big in Thailand's rhinoceros beetle matches

Gamblers place bets as beetles fight over a female. Loser beetles are released, victors continue fighting.

Arts & Culture

Actress Debbie Reynolds dies, day after her daughter

Hollywood star passes away a day after the death of her daughter, Carrie Fisher.