Bolshoi theatre uses artificial intelligence to restore history

Artificial intelligence is being used to trace the cultural history of Russia's Bolshoi theatre.


Australian art gallery holds sneaker exhibition

The Art Gallery of Western Australia is hosting an exhibition exploring the history and cultural significance of the sneaker.


Is Pope Francis a real reformer?

We debate Pope Francis’ reforms to the Catholic Church, and whether or not he is too progressive.

United States

Hip Hop is now the most popular music genre in the US

Hip Hop has now officially taken over rock music as the most popular genre in the US.

Middle East

Syrian refugee uses ballet to convey message of peace

Ahmed Joudeh fled Syria and is now training as a ballet dancer in Amsterdam.

US & Canada

Million-dollar bids expected as ‘moon dust’ heads to auction

The bag that was used to carry the very first lunar samples back to Earth is expected to fetch millions in an upcoming space exploration auction at Sotheby's auction house in New York.

Middle East

Turkey: 'The smallest sound frightens orphaned Syrian refugees'

The conflict in Syria has displaced millions of civilians and killed hundreds of thousands of people. At least 50,000 orphaned children have escaped to Turkey, where some are cared for by charities.

Middle East

Tunisia joins countries boycotting Wonder Woman film

Tunisia joins Lebanon and Qatar in banning US blockbuster featuring a former soldier with the Israeli army at its helm.

Tunisia bans Wonder Woman after al-Chaab complaint


It doesn't matter that an Arab will play Aladdin

Casting an Arab in the role of Aladdin will not correct the film's inherent racism.

Khaled A Beydoun

by Khaled A Beydoun

Khaled A Beydoun

Arts & Culture

Ear Hustle: US prisoners air podcast from behind bars

Recorded in the historic San Quentin State Prison, the new Ear Hustle podcast paints a human image of life in lockup.

Ear Hustle: Prison podcast tells of life in San Quentin

Middle East

Turkey: Circus skills help Syrian refugee children forget trauma

It is not uncommon for youngsters to dream of running away to join the circus. For Syrian refugee children in Turkey, they didn’t escape to the big top, but ran away from conflict.

US & Canada

Summer camp grooms US teens for social-media fame

Children worldwide dream about being famous. And in California they can go to summer camps to help them become social media stars.

Middle East

Syrian doctor helps fellow injured refugees in Turkey

A doctor who escaped a bombing at a medical centre in Syria is now treating patients in neighbouring Turkey.

Arts & Culture

George Romero, father of the zombie movie, dies aged 77

The director's classic 'Night of the Living Dead' and other horror films turned zombie movies into social commentaries.

George Romero, father of the zombie movie, dies aged 77

US & Canada

Is da Vinci's influence still relevant?

Leonardo da Vinci, the ancient Italian inventor, innovator and artist, had imagined the future and painted masterpieces that still inspire and challenge us half a millennium after his death.