Battle for Mosul

How ISIL destroyed Nimrud

Nimrud is one of many archaeological treasures in Iraq which has suffered under ISIL control.

Arts & Culture

Art and activism: How to make an impact

To affect change artists need an audience, so what are the sacrifices of breaking into the commercial art world?

Arts & Culture

Art and activism

The Stream discusses the impact art has on political activism and the cultural changes made when the two collide.

Arts & Culture

The young Muslims finding love via an app

For today's young Muslims, traditional methods of finding a life partner are increasingly viewed as inapplicable.


Tania Bruguera: Cuban artist fights for free expression

How the internationally renowned dissident artist turned a performance piece into a fight for freedom of expression.


Week in Pictures : From Arbaeen to Thanksgiving

A photo round-up of some of last week's key events, from Arbaeen pilgrimage in Iraq to Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Arts & Culture

Rare 3,800-year-old figurine unearthed in Israel

The "thinker" figure capping an 18-cm jug was found in a Middle Bronze Age grave alongside other funerary offerings.

Al Jazeera World

Thank You, Football: Youssef El-Arabi and Ali Al-Habsi

Two more stories of lives transformed by outstanding careers in football.

Arts & Culture

Is Nigeria's Brazilian heritage under threat?

Established by former slaves, residents of the Brazilian quarter of Lagos face a battle against the bulldozers.


On the sidelines of Mosul, the battle for Kurdish culture

For the Kurdish intelligentsia, there is far more at stake than the loss of land.

Arts & Culture

Sulaimania: Saving the dream city of a Kurdish prince

Efforts are under way to salvage what remains of old Sulaimania, once a bastion of diversity and cosmopolitanism.


Piano: Ukraine's Uprising

During the Euromaidan uprising, piano players defy the riot police by playing music as a gesture of peaceful resistance.


Cambodia's water festival returns with a bang

The annual event takes place in November for three nights during the full moon.

Al Jazeera World

Thank You, Football: Yaya Toure and Yacine Brahimi

The stories of Yaya Toure and Yacine Brahimi, whose lives have been transformed by their glittering careers in football.


Supermoon: Unusually large Moon lights up the sky

On Monday night, the moon will be 30,000km closer to the Earth, offering an impressive spectacle to skygazers.