A Bollywood film held hostage by a caste group?

Self-proclaimed representative of Rajput caste, Karni Sena wants ban on period drama fearing it might distort history.

Bollywood film Padmavati faces protests from Karni Sena


Aamir Khan: The Snake Charmer

Can Aamir Khan create lasting change in Indian society or is he just another Bollywood star playing the role of a hero?

US & Canada

'Love this!': Barbie releasing first hijab-wearing doll

Social media users laud doll as step towards representation but far-right commentators spread Islamophobic hate online.

First hijab-wearing Barbie based on Ibtihaj Muhammad

US & Canada

US: Judge halts Berkshire museum's sale of Rockwell art

A judge has halted the controversial sale of two paintings by the American artist, Norman Rockwell.

My Tunisia

Wajiha Jendoubi: 'Theatre is my weapon'

What inspires Tunisia's most popular female comedian to make people laugh?


Kenya recycling activists turn ocean plastics into dhow

A 60-foot dhow made entirely out of recycled ocean plastics and flip-flops is being built on Kenya's coast.

Arts & Culture

Indigenous Comic Con celebrates native culture in US

Indigenous Comic Con in New Mexico gathers native American artists and writers are from around the United States.

US & Canada

New York City launches new arts culture plan

New York is known as the culture capital of the United States with its world class museums and Broadway shows.

Human Rights

HRW: Louvre Abu Dhabi 'tainted' by worker abuse

France director of rights group says the new Louvre Abu Dhabi museum was accomplished at the cost of human suffering.

HRW: Louvre Abu Dhabi 'tainted' by worker abuse

Arts & Culture

Hong Kong’s indigenous fight to save heritage

Hong Kong is renowned for its aggressive real estate market, but there are those who want to save their heritage from being bought up by big developers.

US & Canada

Twitter 280: Social site hopes more characters mean more users

Worried that the 140-character limit was too constraining to its users, Twitter has doubled its character limit in hopes of catching the larger user numbers of Instagram and Facebook.

Latin America

Street dogs, unwanted in Mexico, find a new home in Canada

The innovative 'Backstreet Dogs' NGO is attempting to match stray dogs from Mexico with prospective Canadian pet owners.


Kremlin unease marks centennial of 1917 Bolshevik revolution

Celebrating the Bolshevik revolution's 100th anniversary doesn't fit the modern Russian "stability" narrative.


Qatar opens new state-of-the-art 'noisy' library

Qatar hopes its new national library will appeal to today's children and prepare them for a future in leadership and business.