The IOC has warned that sanctions could be imposed if the Pakistan government interferes with the administration of the national Olympic association.

Pakistan Olympic Association president Gen. Arif Hasan has alleged that the government-run Pakistan Sports Board is trying to establish a parallel Olympic organisation in breach of the IOC rules.

Hasan said the timing of the sports board's bid to create a new national Olympic entity was a calculated move, ahead of IOC executive board meetings on February 15 where the Pakistan situation will be discussed.

PSB officials could not be reached by the Associated Press for comment on Wednesday.

"The IOC and OCA will not recognise any decision, resolution or action of any body or so- called 'interim committee' claiming to act on behalf of POA"

IOC letter

The International Olympic Committee recognises Hasan as the head of the POA after the former Army general won elections in February last year.

Hasan defeated Pakistan Amateur Athletics Federation chief Akram Sahi and Pakistan Hockey Federation president Qasim Zia in the election.

The IOC in a letter to POA on Tuesday indicated that any action by the government which 'affects negatively the development of Olympic Movement in Pakistan' will trigger 'protective measures' from the IOC Executive Board.

Just before last year's London Games the IOC warned Pakistan of serious consequences for breaches of the Olympic Charter, and gave the country time to sort out the differences between the rival sports bodies.

The IOC has once again clarified that it will not accept any interim administration in the POA.

"The IOC and OCA will not recognise any decision, resolution or action of any body or so-called 'interim committee' claiming to act on behalf of POA," the letter said.

"Any such decision, resolution or action would indeed violate the Olympic Charter and would therefore be automatically null and void."

The IOC suspended the Indian Olympic Association in December for failing to comply with the Olympic Charter.

Source: AP