Rosberg beats Hamilton again

Mercedes claimed their sixth one-two finish this season following Nico Rosberg's win at the Austrian Grand Prix.

    Rosberg extended his lead in the drivers' championship over Hamilton to 29 points [GALLO/GETTY]
    Rosberg extended his lead in the drivers' championship over Hamilton to 29 points [GALLO/GETTY]

    Nico Rosberg held off a challenge from teammate Lewis Hamilton to win the Austrian GP for the sixth 1-2 finish by Mercedes this season.

    It was Rosberg's third win of the year and sixth overall as he extended his lead in the drivers' championship over Hamilton to 29 points.

    Valtteri Bottas came third for his first career Formula One podium while Williams teammate Felipe Massa, who started from pole Position, took fourth.

    FIA Formula 1 Drivers' World Championship
              Driver              Points
    1  Nico Rosberg           165
    2  Lewis Hamilton         136
    3  Daniel Ricciardo         83
    4  Fernando Alonso        79
    5  Sebastian Vettel         60

    Four-time Formula One champion Sebastian Vettel had an engine problem in the second lap and was doubled by the field before quitting the race in the 36th on Red Bull's home circuit.

    Hamilton was ninth after qualifying but earned four places from a fast start and won another place to work his way up to fourth in the opening lap.

    Sergio Perez remained in the lead until the 27th, overtaken by Rosberg who accelerated for the fastest lap so far to create distance to Hamilton, who got stuck behind Perez.

    From lap 30 on, the four leaders battled it out with clear advantages for both Mercedes drivers.

    Rosberg remained in the lead for the rest of the race, not allowing a pushing Hamilton a chance to overtake him.

    The race once more confirmed Mercedes has best adapted to the introduction this season of the 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 engines with build-in energy recovery system.

    Mercedes' stranglehold on F1 victories was broken two weeks ago in Montreal by Daniel Ricciardo's maiden win, though Red Bull failed to threaten Mercedes again on their home circuit in Austria.

    Austria GP returns

    It was the 27th Austrian GP, which has been held on different circuits since 1964, with Alain Prost winning a record three times. Until 1987, the races took place in nearby Zeltweg before Austria first disappeared from the calendar for 10 years.

    Spielberg also hosted the race from 1997-2003. Five years after the last race, Red Bull reportedly invested $270 million) for upgrading the track and its surrounding infrastructure.

    The Austrian GP has been one of two new races to this season's F1 calendar alongside the Russian GP, scheduled for Sochi in October.



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