April-May 'best' option for Qatar 2022

Body representing European football clubs suggests dates to minimise disruption to the league calendars.

    A decision is still pending on when the 2022 World Cup will be held [EPA]
    A decision is still pending on when the 2022 World Cup will be held [EPA]

    Playing the 2022 World Cup in April and May would be the "best solution" for the tournament and would have the least impact on the football calendar, according to the association representing European clubs (ECA).

    ECA said that, provided matches kick off in the evening, the heat in Qatar would be "less extreme than the temperature experienced in some previous World Cups (Mexico 1986, USA 1994, Brazil 2014)".

    It also suggested that domestic cup competitions could be played after the World Cup in a "cup-only" period in countries with heavy domestic schedules, and that the international friendly date in March be scrapped.

    The April/May proposal will be put forward on Monday to the FIFA task force which has been set up to decide when the tournament should be played.

    The task force begun discussions in September when the January/February and November/December periods were put forward in addition to the traditional June/July slot, which is also under consideration.

    June/July is considered an outsider because of the extreme heat in Qatar at that time. FIFA president Sepp Blatter has said the tournament cannot be played then.

    "In our opinion, this proposal is the best option. It takes into account the climate issue while preserving the traditional running of a club football season," said ECA president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge in a statement.

    "The impact on national team fixtures and UEFA Club Competitions remains limited and the proposal has no impact at all on the Winter Olympics or the confederations' tournaments in 2023. This proposal needs to be seriously considered by all stakeholders: it is an achievable solution."

    SOURCE: Reuters


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