Classy Berbatov hands Monaco win

Dimitar Berbatov's cheeky goal earns Monaco a precious 1-0 win against Nice to cement second place in Ligue 1.

    Monaco  trail leaders France Ligue one leaders PSG by seven points [AFP]
    Monaco trail leaders France Ligue one leaders PSG by seven points [AFP]

    Monaco postponed Paris St Germain's march towards a second successive Ligue 1 title after Dimitar Berbatov's cheeky goal earned them a 1-0 win against neighbours Nice to cement second place in the standings.

    Bulgarian striker Berbatov casually lobed David Ospina from the edge of the box in the fifth minute to put his side on 72 points with four games left.

    France Ligue 1 standings

           Team        Played     Points

    1    Paris SG        33            79
    2    Monaco          34            72
    3    Lille                33            63

    Monaco, who lead third-placed Lille by nine points before the Northerners travel to Olympique Marseille later on, were quickly in front thanks to Berbatov's cool finish.

    They came very close to doubling the tally in the 12th minute when Valere Germain's strike smashed the post.

    Nice's best chance came in the 21st minute when Valentin Eysseric's shot was tipped away by Danijel Subasic.

    Claudio Ranieri's side trail leaders PSG by seven points with the French champions playing their game in hand against Evian Thonon Gaillard.

    Had Monaco lost, PSG could have wrapped up the title on Wednesday with a victory against lowly Evian.

    The result means that provided PSG beat Evian, the earliest they can secure their second successive Ligue 1 title is next weekend if the Paris club beat Sochaux away or pick up as many points as Monaco.

    The win eased the pressure on Monaco coach Ranieri after his team were knocked out in the French Cup semi-final by En Avant Guingamp.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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