Fernando Torres: 'I am not happy'

Despite being on the winning side of the Champions League final all is still not right with the Chelsea striker.

    Fernando Torres: 'I am not happy'
    Torres celebrates with trophy after Chelsea's victory in final over Bayern Munich [GALLO/GETTY]

    Chelsea may have just become the Champions of Europe but it appears not everybody in the Blues camp is happy.

    Fernando Torres joined his teammates on a victory parade through the streets of London on Sunday but an interview with Spanish journalist Guillem Balague suggests his heart was not in the celebrations.

    The Spanish striker revealed he has had the worst moments of his career with the club this season and needs clarity about his future role with the newly-crowned European champions.

    Torres told Spanish sports daily As he had been bitterly disappointed at being left out of the starting lineup for Saturday's Champions League final and said if it had not been for the support of the fans during a difficult campaign he would have "thrown in the towel".

    "I felt that they treated me in a way that I was not expecting, not in the way we spoke about when this club signed me"

    Fernando Torres

    "This season I have felt things that I had never felt before," As quoted Torres as saying.

    "I felt that they treated me in a way that I was not expecting, not in the way we spoke about when this club signed me," said the former Liverpool player.

    "We have had a lot of conversations and at the end of the season we will talk to see what happens with my future because what I have experienced this year is not a role for me, the one I thought I would have when I came, I am not happy," he said.

    "A victory like the one in Munich provides some compensation but I want them to tell me what is going to happen in the future.

    "Right now yes I do feel that football is worth all the effort but I have had very bad moments. The worst of my career.
    And I don't want to have them again."

    Torres moved to Chelsea from Liverpool in January 2011 in a $79.04 million deal.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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