Mark Hughes is appointed QPR manager

Former Fulham manager Mark Hughes takes the vacant position at Premier League club QPR after sacking of Neil Warnock.

    QPR have appointed Mark Hughes in an effort to avoid relegation and build a big future [GALLO/GETTY] 

    Mark Hughes was confirmed as the new manager of Queens Park Rangers on Tuesday, taking over on a two-and-a-half-year contract following the sacking of Neil Warnock.

    The 48-year-old returns to the Premier League after quitting as Fulham coach last year after one season in charge following previous spells with Manchester City, Blackburn Rovers and Wales.

    Warnock, who had guided QPR to promotion last season following a 15-year absence from the top flight, was fired on Sunday after a disappointing run that saw the club take only two points from eight league games.

    Hughes will be formally unveiled on Wednesday but he told reporters outside Loftus Road he was looking forward to returning to management.

    "I'm delighted. It's all happened quite quickly but I'm looking forward to getting to work," Hughes told Sky Sports.

    "I'm a football person - it's what I do, so I'm looking forward to it."

    'Future is very bright'

    Hughes' appointment follows a day of negotiations on Monday when the club outlined their plans for the future.

    "I'm fully aware of the challenge in the short and long term and I am genuinely excited about the ambition of the owners," Hughes said in a statement.

    "Now the immediate priority is to consolidate our place in the Premier League, but beyond that, the future is very bright and fills me with great enthusiasm."

    "Will a new manager make a difference? Not as much as new players will"

    Former QPR boss Neil Warnock

    QPR chairman Tony Fernandes said Hughes' experience and ambition had been the key factor in the appointment.

    "Mark has a proven track record in the Premier League, bringing a wealth of experience at both club and international level," Fernandes said.

    "His ambitions match those of the board and we are delighted to have him at the helm."

    Warnock, meanwhile, has warned that Hughes will be unable to affect Rangers' battle for survival unless the club bolster their squad.

    "Will a new manager make a difference? Not as much as new players will," Warnock told The Independent.

    "If you haven't got the players, you can't win games - that's another fact of life in football management.

    "I just wish I had the chance to bring in the ones I wanted, both in the summer and this month."



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