Fifty-eight years at a club and still going
Portuguese footballer signed up with FC Penafiel in 1956 and does not want to leave just yet.
Fighting pressure and depression but still coming out on top, squash’s best shares how he has done it.
Better competition and bigger prize-money is forcing female boxers to head over to Mexico.
An unusual version of polo is attracting locals and tourists to Broghil pass in north-west Pakistan.
Former heavyweight world champion Foreman talks courage, fear, money and the man he could not beat.
Without a coach and significant results in the recent past, the team's graph is all downhill.
Former Sierra Leone coach, 29, opts against fleeing the country in order to manage a youth academy.
Many competitors withdraw from race as pollution soars far above levels recommended by World Health Organization.
A new, lucrative Indian football league is in town but how beneficial are these leagues to the continent’s rise?
Formula One’s four-time world champion is battling for scraps this season instead of topping the tables.
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