Butler guides Bulls past the Clippers

Guard Jimmy Butler scores 22 points as Chicago Bulls win sixth straight game on the road and snap losing run vs LA.

    Butler (21) scored 22 of the 105 points in Chicago's win [Getty Images]
    Butler (21) scored 22 of the 105 points in Chicago's win [Getty Images]

    Guard Jimmy Butler scored 22 points and forward Taj Gibson added 20 as the Chicago Bulls defeated the Los Angeles Clippers 105-89.

    Despite playing without the injured Pau Gasol (left calf strain) and point guard Derrick Rose (hamstring), Chicago (8-3) dictated in the second half and snapped a four-game losing streak to Los Angeles (5-4) to be 6-0 on the road this season.

    Elsewhere, the Memphis Grizzlies emphatically defended their home court at FedExForum with a 119-93 victory over the Houston Rockets in a battle of the top teams in the West.

    Memphis (10-1) led by as many as 36 points in the fourth quarter and finished with its largest margin of victory this season.

    Houston (9-2) never pulled closer than 20 points after halftime.

    Arron Afflalo had a season-high 23 points, guard Ty Lawson had 24 points and 12 assists and the Denver Nuggets ended the Cleveland Cavaliers' four-game winning streak with a 106-97 victory on the road.

    Other results:

    Mavericks 107, Hornets 80

    Magic 107, Pistons 93

    Suns 118, Celtics 114

    Heat 95, Nets 83

    Spurs 100, 76ers 75

    Trail Blazers 102, Pelicans 93

    SOURCE: Reuters


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