Durant scores 30 in Oklahoma's win

Kevin Durant scored 30 points and 9 assists to help Oklahoma City Thunder beat Sacramento Kings 108-93 in the NBA.

    Thunders players celebrate their 108-93 win over the Sacremento Kings [AFP]
    Thunders players celebrate their 108-93 win over the Sacremento Kings [AFP]

    Kevin Durant scored 30 points and handed out nine assists to lead the Oklahoma City Thunder to a 108-93 victory over the Sacramento Kings.

    Durant did not come close to racking up the 54 points he scored in his previous outing on Friday. He did not need to, as he controlled the action by not just pouring in points, but also being the primary playmaker.

    The Kings (14-25) ended up fouling Durant with 2:11 left in the game. He hit both free throws, which extended his streak of scoring at least 30 points to seven games.

    Oklahoma City (31-10) forward Serge Ibaka added 20 points on 9-for-13 shooting.

    Spurs ease to a win

    The San Antonio Spurs made easy work of the NBA's worst team despite leading scorer Tony Parker sitting out with a leg injury in a 110-82 win.

    Milwaukee led 16-14 in the first quarter but San Antonio (32-9) scored 15 consecutive points to end the quarter.

    Milwaukee (7-33) was never able to get back in the game.

    Elsewhere, Nick Young scored 24 of his 29 points in the second half and the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Toronto Raptors 112-106 for their second win in a row.

    Pau Gasol added 22 points and had nine rebounds for the Lakers (16-25), while DeMar DeRozan led Toronto with 23 points and guard Kyle Lowry added 21 with nine assists for the Raptors (20-19).

    Arron Afflalo had 20 points and 13 rebounds to help the Orlando Magic snap a 10-game losing streak by beating the Boston Celtics 93-91.

    Channing Frye scored a season-high 30 points and the Phoenix Suns beat the Denver Nuggets 117-103.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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