Reds thrive on Santiago's grand-slam

Ramon Santiago's 10th-innings grand slam helps Cincinnati beat Pittsburgh in the MLB; Twins crush Tigers 10-3.

    The grand-slam was Santiago's second home run this season [AP]
    The grand-slam was Santiago's second home run this season [AP]

    Ramon Santiago's 10th-innings grand slam, just his second home run this season, lifted the Cincinnati Reds to a 10-6 victory over Pittsburgh that dented the Pirates' hopes of winning the NL Central.

    Pittsburgh were given a reprieve when rivals St Louis also lost, leaving the Pirates one game behind heading into the final day of the regular season.

    The Pirates already are assured of a spot in the postseason. If they do not catch the Cardinals, Pittsburgh will play San Francisco in a wild-card game.

    Elsewhere, Arizona first baseman Mark Trumbo hit two home runs, including a three-run shot in the seventh inning that lifted the Diamondbacks to a 5-2 victory over the St Louis Cardinals.

    Eduardo Escobar drove in six runs with four hits that included a three-run home run and the Minnesota Twins crushed the Detroit Tigers 12-3.

    Other results:

    White Sox 5, Royals 4

    Rangers 5, Athletics 4

    Mariners 2, Angels 1 (11 innings)

    Red Sox 10, Yankees 4

    Giants 3, Padres 1

    Nationals 5, Marlins 1

    Blue Jays 4, Orioles 2

    Brewers 2, Cubs 1

    Rays 2, Indians 0

    Mets 2, Astros 1

    Braves 4, Phillies 2

    Dodgers 6, Rockies 5 (12 innings)

    SOURCE: Reuters


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