Indianapolis Colts linebacker Josh McNary has been charged with rape after a 29-year-old woman was allegedly held against her will in an apartment following a night of downtown bar hopping.

American prosecutors have charged the 26-year-old McNary, of Houston, Texas, with one count of rape, one count of criminal confinement and one count of battery resulting in bodily injury, court documents show.

The alleged incident took place December 1.

The woman said she finished work at 11.30 pm then met up with some friends. They visited different bars before she ended up at an "unknown apartment" in the early morning hours with a man she had just met, court documents say.

She said she didn't remember how she got to the apartment. But the woman told police she admitted to kissing and "being flirty" with the male prior to an argument between the two.

According to court documents, the two ended up in the bedroom where he tried to kiss her. The woman said the man got upset when she told him to stop and prevented her from leaving.

"He scared me, intimidated me and scared me," she told police.

The woman said she grabbed a cellphone as she left the apartment and police say they later traced it to McNary.

The Colts said they are trying to gather more information about what happened.

Source: AFP