Eagles' playoff hopes jolted by Washington

Philadelphia shocked 27-24 by the Washington Redskins while Chargers' comeback takes them to a win in the NFL.

    Morris #46 scored a first-quarter touchdown against the Eagles [Getty Images]
    Morris #46 scored a first-quarter touchdown against the Eagles [Getty Images]

    The Philadelphia Eagles' playoff ambitions suffered a near-fatal blow with a surprise 27-24 loss to the Washington Redskins

    By contrast, the San Diego Chargers kept their postseason hopes alive in dramatic fashion when they rallied from a 21-point halftime deficit to beat the San Francisco 49ers in the second game of the day.

    Nick Novak kicked the winning field goal from 40 yards in a 38-35 overtime victory.

    In Maryland, a 26-yard field goal from Kai Forbath with five seconds left condemned the Eagles to a third successive loss and leaves them needing the Dallas Cowboys to lose their last two games if they are to have a chance of winning the NFC East.

    In Santa Clara, California, the 49ers looked set to eliminate the Chargers from the playoff hunt when quarterback Colin Kaepernick completed an astonishing 90-yard touchdown run late in the third, the second longest by a QB in NFL history.

    The Chargers were down by 14 points after three quarters but Rivers responded magnificently, throwing two touchdown passes, the second an 11-yard effort to Malcolm Floyd with just 29 seconds left to send the game to overtime.

    The result does not guarantee San Diego (9-6) a spot in the playoffs, but it gives them a fighting chance.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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