What went wrong for Asia in Brazil?
There were high expectations but the exit from the 2014 World Cup for all four Asian teams was swift.
Germany's coach has had his fair share of critics in the last eight years. But will a World Cup triumph silence them?
Some shone brightly, others were engrossed in payment and bonus rows. But Africa's disappointed at the big stage again.
A jittery Brazil takes on Colombia in the World Cup quarter-final, with the hopes of 200 million resting on them.
Football federations have imposed higher fines for violating product placement rules than racism.
Regional hosts have turned out a great performance at Brazil 2014, much better than their European opposition.
No African team has ever been in the final of a World Cup but if recent trends continue we may not have to wait long.
Spain still have a great youth squad and their domestic football is good too. Their Brazil exit was imminent.
Germany arrive at the World Cup as one of the favourites but beneath the impressive team sheet lies a team with doubts.
Brazil 2014 has already been a failure and success given the finances spent on it and the thrill witnessed on the field.
Former World Cup winners have a good chance of reaching the final once again.. providing Balotelli shines for them.
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