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Last updated: 16 Jun 2014 23:23
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Andy Richardson - Correspondent

Andy Richardson

I started my career working in local papers on Merseyside, England, before heading to London and ITN. I managed to manoeuvre myself onto the News at Ten sports desk in time for the 1999 Rugby World Cup and never again did I darken the doorstep of news.

I moved to Five News as a Sports Reporter at some point in the 2000s before getting the call from Al Jazeera in 2005. I am lucky enough to be part of the team that launched the channel the following year and have been on board ever since.

In that time it has been my privileged responsibility to report from four Africa Cup of Nations, an Olympics, various World Cups and more importantly meet and work with some truly inspiring people.

Wherever I go, Liverpool FC and Lancashire CC are never too far from my thoughts.

Twitter: @AndyR_Sport

Rahul Pathak - Presenter

Rahul Pathak

I have been a sports presenter at Al Jazeera English since its launch in 2006 (reading the first ever sports bulletin on the channel). 

Since then I have anchored AJE’s coverage of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.  I have also covered the inaugural Indian Premier league in 2008 and the 2011 Copa America in Argentina. 

I came to Al Jazeera English from Channel Five in the UK where I worked as a studio news presenter and sports correspondent. I also worked for regional news channel Meridian Broadcasting. Before that I worked in radio, presenting news bulletins for Virgin and Asian network Sunrise Radio.

Twitter: @RahulP_Sport

Jo Gasiorowska - Presenter

Jo Gasiorowska

I started my career in sport while still studying journalism at City University in London. That is to say I got my big break by being a runner - which involves a lot of photocopying and making tea - at Sky Sports on everything from Soccer AM to the live speedway shows, even spending a year working on their live NFL coverage.

My first foray into sports news came as a producer/presenter on the ITV News Channel, and from there I was lucky enough to have been approached by the founders of Al Jazeera English. I have never looked back!

I was live on-air in downtown Doha when Qatar won the rights to host the 2022 World Cup. I have also reported on the Ryder Cup and the Winter Olympics. When not at work you can find me indulging in my biggest passions - golf and spending time with my baby daughter.

Twitter: @jogasiorowska

Robin Adams – Presenter

Robin Adams

I started at Al Jazeera English in June 2011. I worked at e.tv in South Africa for six years before joining AJE. I was the sports editor and anchor of their flagship news show, eNews Prime Time.

I absolutely love sport - with football, cricket, rugby and formula one rating top of the pile. I love darts too! My interests are my kids who I hope will be as big Manchester United supporters as their Dad.

I also support the Kaizer Chiefs football club in South Africa.

Twitter: @RobinAdamsSport

Farrah Esmail - Presenter

Farrah Esmail

I studied print journalism at university, but my first job was in television and I never looked back. I started my career at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Toronto, Canada. I did everything from researching, writing, reporting and even shooting my own stories. It was a great experience.

When I got an offer to work at Aljazeera English in Doha I just could not turn it down. And as the only North American on the sports desk I feel it is my job (among other things) to make sure the Toronto Maple Leafs get the occasional shout out!

Twitter: @f_esmail

Sana Hamouche

Sana Hamouche - Presenter

Sana Hamouche has been a sports presenter on Al Jazeera English since 2006.

Twitter: @SanaH_Sport

Lee Wellings - Correspondent

Lee Wellings

I am the Europe correspondent based in London, where I covered 2012 Olympics. Also covered Brazil 2014 World Cup. I joined Al Jazeera English in 2011, having been Sports Editor at Sky News and have also worked for BBC and ITN in over 25 years as a sports news journalist and broadcaster.

During my career sport has become news. I have been able to tackle big sports news stories on subjects such as corruption and doping and exclusively interview leading figures at FIFA, Uefa and the IOC. I have enjoyed exploring the stories behind the sports headlines, focusing on the people and lives affected. 

Twitter: @LeeW_sport

James Pratt – Executive Producer

James Pratt

I am the Executive Producer in charge of sport for Al Jazeera English and have covered the biggest sports events in each of the last three decades.

I joined Al Jazeera from Sky News having previously worked for ITN, ITV and Channel Five news in UK. A keen footballer and athlete, I also spent time in the world of sports marketing and public relations working with some of the world’s biggest brands and organisations.

Twitter: @JamesP_Sport

Richard Parr - Senior Producer

Richard Parr

I am approaching two years in my second stint at AJE. I had worked for a year between 2008-09 on the programme Sportsworld.

I was previously a producer for Sky Sports News and Sky Sports. I have also been a commentator for Eurosport. During my career I have been based in Doha, London, Madrid and Paris.

Football is my main sporting passion, especially the various European leagues. Along with this I am a professional wrestling expert. I have interviewed many of the greatest stars of the WWE and have commentated on both American and Japanese wrestling.

Twitter: @richard_parr

Richard Nicholson - Sports Producer

Richard Nicholson

I've worked at AJE for nearly seven years starting out at AJE as a Satellite Co-ordinator. I moved to the sports team in November 2008 as a Planning Producer becoming a producer a year later.

Before AJE I worked for Channel 4 in London as their Satellite & Lines Co-ordinator and before that for Trans World International.

I am an avid sports fan and enjoy watching almost as much as I like playing sport. I have just completed my second Abu Dhabi Triathlon (1.5km swim, 100km bike and 10km run) and despite finding the training hard quite enjoyed the whole process.

My other passion is golf and play once or twice a week, which keeps me sane.

Twitter: @AJEnglish_Sport

Sohail Malik

Sohail Malik - Sports Producer

My career in television began at AJE and I was part of the team that launched the channel in 2006. Before joining the sports department I was a producer for the channels main talk show Inside Story.

I have also worked with the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and the International Swimming Federation (FINA).

Arsenal, the Miami Heat and Pakistan’s cricket team are at the heart of my passion for sport.

Twitter: @SOintl

Read Sohail's articles here: aljazeera.com/profile/sohail-malik

Paul Rhys - Reporter

Paul Rhys

Al Jazeera has taken me around the world covering sport, including to Angola for the Africa Cup of Nations, New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup, and South Africa for both the FIFA World Cup and another Africa Cup of Nations.

In five years at the channel I was variously a video journalist, producer, editor of the sports website, and finally a presenter.

I have now moved to Paris where I'm continuing to live the Al Jazeera dream as a writer for the website and a video journalist, and will be pushing for coverage of Wigan Athletic FC whenever possible.

Twitter: @PaulRhys_Sport

Read Paul's articles here: aljazeera.com/profile/paul-rhys

Or go to paulrhys.com


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