Aussie bowler Tait quits cricket
Tait cites physical and emotional exhaustion as the reason for quitting the game.
Last Modified: 29 Jan 2008 12:52 GMT

Shaun Tait played just three Test matches for Australia between 2005 and 2008 [GALLO/GETTY]

Shaun Tait, Australian fast bowler, has quit all levels of cricket due to physical and emotional exhaustion.
Tait, 24, has struggled with injury since shortly after being named to the Australian Test team midway through its unsuccessful Ashes tour of England in 2005, and only played three Tests.
The last Test Tait played was against India in Perth earlier in January, during which he took no wickets and India won the match by 72 runs.
Tait, who was named the International Cricket Council's emerging player of 2007, said it had been a difficult decision to take a break from the game.
"This is not an overnight decision but something that I've been struggling with for sometime," Tait said in a statement.
"A break from professional cricket will hopefully give me a clear mind and a chance for my body to rest and recover.
"This is not an overnight decision but something that I've been struggling with for sometime."

Shaun Tait
"My love and enjoyment of the game is struggling due to these issues and if I continue to go on, it will be unfair on my team mates and support staff of both the Australian and South Australian cricket teams, and most importantly my family and close friends."
Cricket Australia said Tait was suffering from "physical and emotional exhaustion and will be rested from cricket while he undergoes a programme designed to facilitate his return to cricket."
Tait has suffered recurrent injuries dating back to 2005 and has undergone surgery to his shoulder and elbow, while also dealing with intermittent pain from back and hamstring injuries.
A break from all levels
"The combination of his injury history and the demands of being an elite professional cricketer has affected his physical, and significantly, his emotional well being," Terry Farquharson, South Australian Cricket Association medical officer, said.
"Shaun feels he needs a rest from cricket and I support this, which will allow him to recover both physically and emotionally."
Dr Trefor James, Cricket Australia's Chief medical officer, said it was clear that Tait needed a break from cricket at all levels.
"We'll be working with Shaun going forward to ensure that whatever assistance he requires is provided to him," James said.
"Shaun's personal welfare is our primary concern as well as his return to cricket at an appropriate point."
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