Jordan confirms that one of its pilots has been taken hostage after plane was reportedly shot down during a mission.
Pope Francis tells Christians displaced by ISIL's advance that they are "like Jesus on Christmas night".
The Interview, which spurred cyberattack on studio's corporate network, made available online before release in cinemas.
Around 300 demonstrators clash with US police after fatal shooting of young black man by white officer near Ferguson.
Turkish president's remarks get top spots on international media, be they on women, alcohol or discovery of a continent.
UNHCR says hundreds of people trapped in Yaloke town risk death if they are not evacuated to safety urgently.
Long-standing dispute over Christian use of the word 'Allah' raises concerns about a very un-Merry Christmas.
Government denies accusations it sponsors youth militia terrorising civilians in one of Africa's poorest nations.
The threat posed by ISIL has prompted thousands of young Kurds to join the PKK.
A Lebanese town is taking up arms in self-defence against possible ISIL attacks.
Baja California - with its own grim history of disappeared people - finds a voice in the fight against violence.
Russian feminist rockers fight system holding 700,000 - the world's largest per capita prison population after the US.
Innovate Africa20 Dec 2014 09:28 GMT
From satellites to lasers - African innovators are using science and technology to advance their industries.
Earthrise23 Dec 2014 10:38 GMT
earthrise travels to Barbados to see how the tiny island has become a world leader in solar thermal technology.
Love of boxing continues to spread in the country since Foreman-Ali's 'Rumble in the Jungle' 40 years ago.
This year 'Jolly Old Saint Nicholas' has already popped up in unusual places around the globe.
One woman's mission to harness solar rays to chart a path to energy independence in arid northern Argentina.
North Korea is a reclusive state but Al Jazeera was granted access to portray daily life in the Northeast Asian nation.
Parents continue to demand answers and justice three months after 43 children were abducted near city of Iguala.
Group re-establishing training camps in tandem with escalation in Taliban attacks as US military presence shrinks.
Residents in Buenos Aires take on real estate companies to protect heritage sites from being destroyed.
Poor transportation infrastructure spurs one miner to build his own road to move the vital mineral to local markets.
Tambi Asaad Cimuk started playing the piano 18 months ago and now has the chance to perform at Carnegie Hall.
Continuing unrest in occupied East Jerusalem and the recent death of a Palestinian minister has subdued festivities.
More than half of 300,000 Christians have been forced from their homes since ISIL took over regions of the country.
Farmers expect improving relations will bring in new infrastructure and prosperity to areas outside tourist spots.
Al Jazeera's guide to who's who among the top ranks of the Pakistani Taliban.
For the first time members of Kenya's counter-terrorism police admit to "eliminating" suspected Muslim radicals.
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