Kaka ponders move into ministry

Brazilian star sees himself as an evangelical minister in the future.

    Kaka: Committed to his faith [GALLO/GETTY]
    AC Milan star Kaka sees himself becoming an evangelical minister when his footballing career ends.

    "I would like that a lot," Kaka said in interview in the December issue of the Italian version of GQ.

    "It's a difficult road, you have to study theology and deepen your study of the Bible."

    The deeply religious Kaka nearly always salutes the heavens when he scores.

    "An evangelical minister reads the Bible and conveys the duties," Kaka said.

    "It's not so easy to apply to today's society things that were written thousands of years ago. But that's exactly the job of a minister, to make the teaching of the Bible relevant."

    SOURCE: Agencies


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