Timeline: Al Jazeera's Mahmoud Hussein 400 days in jail

A timeline of events as Al Jazeera journalist Mahmoud Hussein marks 400 days of detention by Egypt.

Timeline: Mahmoud Hussein's 400 days in Egyptian prison

Middle East

Egypt: 'The word election is probably too generous'

President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has made it nearly impossible for any real political opponent to challenge him.

How Egypt presidential election is rendered irrelevant

South Africa

South African jazz legend Masekela dies aged 78

Hugh Masekela, widely known as the father of South African jazz, passes away after battle with prostate cancer.

Jazz legend Hugh Masekela dies in South Africa, aged 78


Kenyans demand action over hospital rape accusations

Hundreds march in Nairobi demanding action on allegations of rape and sexual assault at Kenya's largest public hospital.

Kenyans demand action over hospital rape accusations

United States

Dreamers: Democrats 'let a historic moment go to waste'

Anger after Democrats failed to protect future of undocumented immigrants during US government 'shutdown' negotiations.

Dreamers 'furious' Democrats gave up on shutdown


Latest: Opposition banned from next year's elections

With pro- and anti-government protesters taking to the streets, here is the latest in the Venezuelan crisis.

Venezuela crisis: All the latest updates


Venezuela presidential election ordered by end of April

Nicolas Maduro expected to run again as Constituent Assembly votes unanimously to fast-track elections.

Venezuela presidential election ordered by end of April


Massive rubbish tsunami piles up on Beirut beach

Anger erupts as rubbish washes ashore in stark reminder of the rubbish crisis the country has endured for years.

Storm carries massive rubbish pile to shores of Lebanon

Reporter's Notebook

The last bookbinder of Tunis' Old City

Mohamed Ben Sassi has been restoring ancient books for 40 years. He is now believed to be the last one in the Medina of Tunisia's capital, Tunis.

Tunis bookbinder 'giving life' to ancient manuscripts