Clashes grip Brazil prison where 26 killed

Riots between gangs at the Alcacuz Penitentiary followed a series of deadly bursts of violence in Brazilian prisons.


Barrow to take oath abroad, troops set to enter Gambia

Gambia's president-elect to be sworn in at Dakar embassy as incumbent refuses to go despite threat of military action.


The inevitable Trumputin divorce

Why it is not meant to be for Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

by Roman Dobrokhotov


Dark and smoky shelters for refugees stranded in Serbia

Fearful of deportations at official camps, refugees in Serbia find cover in make-shift shelters.

Middle East

US air raids 'kill 80 ISIL fighters' near Libya's Sirte

B-2 bombers and US drones target two camps near city of Sirte, killing at least 80 ISIL fighters, Pentagon says.


Perfidious Albion and Israel-Palestine

British policy towards Palestine reveals a persistent pro-Israeli bias, from Lord Balfour to Theresa May.

by Avi Shlaim

Middle East

20 dead as Tehran tower catches fires and collapses

Firefighters reportedly trapped under rubble after building housing a shopping centre and clothing workshops collapses.


Palestinians sceptical about Moscow reconciliation deal

A meaningful unity requires a serious engagement in restructuring and reinventing the Palestinian political system.

US & Canada

Commuting Chelsea Manning's sentence is not enough

President Barack Obama set a precedent with a fierce crackdown on whistle-blowers.

by Sana Saleem

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