Mongolian Ninja's
Mongolia is the scene of what is one of the biggest gold rush's the world has ever seen.
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Filmmaker: Nick Lazaredes

In the 1850's the world was suffering from what can only be described as gold fever. Huge numbers of perspectors, miners and just hopeful amateurs were swept up in the madness.

They packed their bags and headed to where ever the next discovery was. From California to Alaska to Australia.

Today there is a new gold rush but it is in a place most people would not associate with gold: Mongolia.

Because of drastic climate changes people who used to farm have lost their livelihood and nomades can no longer survive.

So they core the earth with any means of their disposal desperate to strike it rich.

You would expect gold rushers to be led by geological engineers and business executives in suits - but not in Mongolia. This is gold mining by the people and for the people.

Thousands of poor Mongolians want to take part in the 21st centuries gold rush. Whole families including their children work all day digging for gold and hoping for a better future. 

And one thing the gold diggers have staked a claim to is their name: They call themselves Mongolian Ninja's.

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