The trainee rangers begin a course that will push them to the limits and equip them with the skills to take on poachers.
As the training gets tougher some fall out, but those that remain form valuable bonds.
If they are to tackle well-armed poachers, the trainees must learn how to handle a gun and be prepared to use one.
The rangers learn a valuable lesson - survival is about being able to rely on your teammates.
Two rangers learn to trust their instincts as they stumble across a poacher's camp and discover a cache of arms.
Things turn dangerous for two rangers as they encounter armed poachers who are determined to put up a fight.
In Depth
A unique look at the business of wildlife poaching through the eyes of trainee rangers.
In the battle between rangers and wildlife poachers humans and animals are suffering, with casualties on both sides.
About Wildlife Warzone

Poaching is big business with rhino horn now worth more than gold. The only thing standing between South Africa's animals and possible extinction is a new breed of anti-poaching rangers - prepared to lay their lives on the line for Africa's wildlife.

The six-part series takes a unique look at the issue of poaching through the eyes of trainee rangers as some leave home for the first time, enter a brutal world of military training and finally head to the frontline of Africa's Wildlife Warzone.

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