Is multiculturalism really dead in the UK as the political, media and theological establishments seem to suggest?
What does the future hold for Jordan - a country plagued by corruption, economic stagnation and ethnic tension?
The tiny, impoverished country is led by an unelected absolute monarch and is plagued by corruption and ethnic tensions.
Can Turkey strike a balance between the country's modern, secular aspirations and its deep-rooted Islamic identity?
Straddling secular and Islamic, modern and traditional, the country wants to be Western yet tends to look eastwards.
The Cafe travels to Athens to find out what the future holds for the birthplace of Western democracy.
The sense of powerlessness, of being bossed around by bigger and richer neighbours has emboldened Greece's far right.
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A robust and challenging discussion that cuts through the spin to get right to the heart of the subject.
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As India evolves from a traditional to a modern society, what challenges are Indian women facing?
Young Bosnians gather in the Cafe to discuss the challenges they face in their fragmented country.
Can Bosnians overcome historic hostilities and international indifference to create a stable country?
Can Kenya's war on corruption be won? Kenyans gather in the Cafe to debate the challenges.
What do Kenyans think about unity and identity after an election in 2007 sparked violence along ethnic lines?
The Cafe travels to Cairo to discover what role Egyptians want their country to play in the region and the world.
Egyptians gather in The Cafe to discuss the challenge of fulfilling their revolutionary dreams after ousting Mubarak.
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