Author of bestseller 'The Kite Runner' discusses recent events in Afghanistan, his new novel and why people read books.
Why has the government in Nigeria been unable to defeat Boko Haram?
Despite opposition to girls education, the man leading Afghanistan's education system insists he is making progress.
President of the International Olympic Committee explains the challenges a new generation of athletes face.
Why the far-right National Front gains support and what is at stake in the Ukraine.
The most famous contemporary author in Russia discusses Ukraine, Putin, women and why her country needs "therapy".
Australia's first female leader talks to Al Jazeera on her time in office and her work on improving access to education.
The Russian Orthodox Church's head of external relations warns of rising religious tensions caused by Ukraine crisis.
The minister of education responds to criticism after hundreds of schoolgirls were kidnapped by the armed group.
Chief UN investigator of North Korean human rights abuses discusses the allegations of crimes against humanity.

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