The president of the Iraqi Kurdistan region discusses the future of the nation and how change is a must for Iraq.
The Brazilian president examines issues surrounding the World Cup and economic challenges facing her country.
The Nigerian Nobel laureate discusses Boko Haram, organised religion, and the current state of his country.
A journalist paints a doomsday scenario if Putin leads Russia down its current path.
Author of bestseller 'The Kite Runner' discusses recent events in Afghanistan, his new novel and why people read books.
Why has the government in Nigeria been unable to defeat Boko Haram?
Despite opposition to girls education, the man leading Afghanistan's education system insists he is making progress.
President of the International Olympic Committee explains the challenges a new generation of athletes face.
Why the far-right National Front gains support and what is at stake in the Ukraine.
The most famous contemporary author in Russia discusses Ukraine, Putin, women and why her country needs "therapy".

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