Bulgaria's president discusses Russia, Crimea and how current tensions could impact the future of Eastern Europe.
Ukraine's former prime minister says the international community should not allow Russia to force a Crimea referendum.
The retired general who built the US prison in Guantanamo says all efforts should be directed at closing the facility.
The president of the Republic of Congo discusses his own political projections and the future of his country.
The president of Central African Republic says the real reasons for the violence need to be addressed to bring peace.
The Turkish prime minister shares his views on the war in Syria, the coup in Egypt and relations with Israel and Iran.
The secretary general of Amnesty International says rights groups need to adapt to changing realities on the ground.
The country's president explains why he believes Mali will only survive if it stands united.
The speaker of the Iraqi parliament discusses the threats facing his country, and what can be done to stop them.
The president of the Global Deaf Muslim organisation discusses the main challenges facing the hearing impaired.

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