Bolivia's president talks about the country's ongoing socio-economic transformation and his third term in office.
The prominent Muslim academic on the threat of the Islamic State group and how scholars are failing the Muslim world.
Tunisia's president discusses whether his country can remain an island of stability in a troubled Middle East.
Taiwan's president shares his views on pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong and China's role in the world.
The Nigerian musician - son of Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti - on what inspires and frustrates him about his country today.
The continent's wealthiest businessman talks about job creation, success and the opportunities Africa provides.
The Vatican's highest representative in Nigeria discusses Christian persecution, Boko Haram, and peace in the region.
Venezuela's opposition leader explains why peaceful political change is necessary and still possible.
The Russian chess player shares his thoughts on the Ukraine crisis and explains why Putin is everybody's problem.
Hamas' political leader discusses the latest outbreak of fighting in the Gaza Strip and the issues behind the conflict.

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