Sudan: History of a broken land
Sudan once represented the greatest hope for peaceful coexistence between Arab and African, Muslim and Christian.
Last Modified: 23 Jun 2011 12:29 GMT
As Sudan is split into two, the government in the North faces growing resentment over the loss of national pride.
South Sudan faces the challenge of creating an inclusive administration among tribes with a history of bitter enmity.

Sudan: The Break-Up

Once the giant of Africa, on July 9 Sudan will become two separate countries. This three-hour series, Sudan: The Break-Up, tells the tragic history of a great experiment to see whether Muslims and Christians could live under one government and examines what the future holds for both nations. The series features political unrest and a rise in religious conservatism in the North while, in the South, corruption and inter-tribal violence threatens the cohesion of the new state.

Airing times

Sudan: The Break-Up can be seen at the following times GMT: Thursday: 2000; Friday: 1200; Saturday: 0100; Sunday: 0600; Monday: 2000; Tuesday: 1200; Wednesday: 0100; Thursday: 0600.