Masters no more
For centuries, Egypt has sought to tame the Nile and control its use, but others are now challenging this dominance.
07 Jun 2011 11:18 GMT
It is a source of sustenance but also of tension and new political realities are now increasing uncertainty.
The battle for control of the Nile is at the heart of geopolitical rivalries - both old and new - in the region.
The battle to control the life-giving waters of the Nile has gone on for centuries, and continues to this day.
Struggle Over the Nile
Egyptians are full of love for the Nile, but often forget that 'their river' passes through many other countries.
Hussein Elrazzaz
Key dates in the history of a river that has been the subject of political control and adoration for centuries.
Struggle Over the Nile
Main documents behind the struggle over the Nile.
Struggle Over the Nile
The British saw themselves as guardians of the Nile and the results of their ambitious plans can still be seen today.
Terje Tvedt
Voices on the Nile
The British historian talks about the legends and speculations that have arisen around the River Nile.
The New Zealand adventurer led the first expedition to travel up the Nile to its source.
'Hydropolitics need to be played in a cool manner, rather than threats and counter-threats.'
Struggle Over the Nile
Despite the trauma of displacement, Nubians have done their best to keep alive their traditions and language.
Struggle Over the Nile
A look at different perspectives on the River Nile.
Struggle Over the Nile
An Egyptian political analyst reflects on Egypt's relationship with the Nile.
The Kenyan director of water resources talks about sustainable and peaceful management of the Nile River Basin.
Struggle Over the Nile
'Africa's large dams have not reversed poverty'
Struggle Over the Nile
The Sudanese farmer cannot imagine life without the Nile.
Struggle Over the Nile
The Ethiopian water minister explains why his country is pushing for a greater share of the Nile.
Struggle Over the Nile
The Ethiopian academic explains the issues behind the agreements of 1929 and 1959.
Struggle Over the Nile
'There are a lot of problems that are going to happen, not only in Uganda, but also in other countries.'
Struggle Over the Nile

Struggle Over the Nile

It is the world's longest river. A 7,000km life-line for almost 400 million people. It runs through 11 countries, including South Sudan, from the highlands in the heart of Africa to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a source of sustenance, but also of tension - and even potential conflict. In this three-part series, Al Jazeera examines the historical roots and present-day realities of the Struggle Over the Nile.

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