We follow one man's astounding undercover crusade to expose judicial corruption in Ghana.

|   Ghana, Politics, Corruption


Rebel Geeks

At the boundaries of the digital revolution, we meet the rebel geeks challenging power structures and offering a different vision of our technological future.

Science in a Golden Age

The names of Newton, Galileo and Copernicus are well known, but how have the great Islamic thinkers of the middle ages contributed to the science of today?

Women Make Change

A fresh look at women, poverty solutions and development economics.

My Nigeria

Six films. Six people. Six personal insights into Africa's number one economic powerhouse - Nigeria.

Risking it all

An action-packed series following people around the world who take extraordinary risks to earn a living.

Innovate Africa

A series exploring how lives are being changed across the continent by home-grown innovations in science and technology.

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