In memory of Nelson Mandela
Guests share their personal memories of Mandela, stories of his flirty charm, his great humility, and stern authority.
14 Dec 2013 09:08 GMT
Will Africa emerge as a leading global science frontier as South Africa co-hosts the world's largest radio telescope?
To what extent is today's mainstream diamond industry free of 'conflict diamonds'?
South2North talks to members of The Elders and influential global leaders about the ICC's perceived bias against Africa.
South2North discusses peace, justice, human rights and leadership in the 21st century with The Elders.
Arianna Huffington and James Chau discuss the changing media landscape and whether the internet is really an equaliser.
The musician and philanthropist challenges young people to affect change or risk repeating the mistakes of the past.
South2North asks how today's young leaders will tackle the challenges of the future.
What is the universal appeal of a good crime novel?
What do time-travel, chaos theory and skyscrapers have in common with chess? We discuss the mathematics.
We ask if land investments on the continent represent a solution to food insecurity or a new form of colonialism.
Do all human beings deserve universal healthcare?
Do you know where all your waste goes after it has been thrown in the bin or flushed down the toilet?
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South2North is a weekly show that is a mix of politics, culture, music, health and science. Intelligent journalism combined with personal and humorous interviews. While the show does have an Africa focus it will also have an African perspective on current international affairs.

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