7Up South Africa
In 1992 apartheid South Africa, we meet 20 lively seven-year-olds, who we follow every seven years in times of change.
23 Dec 2013 08:29 GMT
Neo Ntsoma: Generation of Change
We revisit the 20 South African children first filmed in 1992, to see how love, money and violence colour their lives.
We follow the 20 South African children, now 14, as they talk about race, relationships, fear of violence, and God.
In 2006 South Africa we visit the 21-year-olds we first met as children, as they manage work, race relations and family.
In 2006, 12 years after apartheid ended - poverty, race and violence are issues that many South Africans still face.
We follow the now 28-year-olds into adulthood and gain extraordinary insights into South Africa in 2013.
Now 28, the South Africans we first filmed as children give a unique insight into their adult lives and relationships.
From joy to despair, the final film in this series takes a look at the lives of the characters we first met in 1992.
An award-wining series tracks personal journeys of a diverse range of children who were born in apartheid South Africa.
About South Africa 'Up' Series

The South Africa 'Up' series follows the personal journeys of a diverse range of young South Africans who were born into the apartheid era, filming them every seven years as they grow up through the country's dramatic political changes.

We meet them first at age seven in 1992, two years before Nelson Mandela became president in the first non-racial elections in South Africa. Every seven years since, the twists and turns of their personal lives have been charted against the backdrop of South Africa's recent history.

In this eight-part series, we see the raw innocence expressed at age seven give way to awkward teens at 14, and the weight of beckoning adulthood at 21. Love, family, money, religion, race and identity are some of the themes underpinning the charming yet poignant, and in some cases tragic stories that unfold by the time they are 28 in 2013. 

In Pictures

Soweto's Bambanani choir

Tshepo, whose name means 'hope', is one of the South African 'Up' children who we have followed since he was seven years old. Now aged 28 in 2013, he has had a lot to deal with in his personal life. One thing that keeps him strong is singing in the Bambanani choir in White City, Soweto. This music provides some of the soundtrack to the third 28Up South Africa film. Here is the choir rehearsing two songs that have been arranged by their members.