Riz Khan
Global food scandal
We discuss how the excessive amount of food wasted can be reduced to feed the world's poor.
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The UN says that more than enough food is being produced to feed the world, but almost a billion people remain undernourished.

Why is food not reaching those who need it most? 

Researchers say the average household in the UK, for instance, throws away approximately five tons of edible food each year. 

Supermarkets in developed countries regularly toss out large quantities of overstocked food that is still fit to consume. 

But food waste is not just a problem for wealthy nations. In the developing world, as much as 30 per cent can be lost just getting food from farms to the marketplace, due to poor technologies for storing and shipping food.

On Thursday, we discuss what is being done to reduce the amount of food going waste, and what is being done to ensure that it gets to those who need it most?

Riz speaks with Tristam Stuart, the author of the book Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal.

This episode of the Riz Khan show can be seen live from Thursday, September 10 at 2030GMT, with repeats on Friday at 0030, 0530 and 1130.

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