Riz Khan
Pakistan's crisis
Shaukat Aziz, the former Pakistani prime minister, talks to Riz Khan.
Last Modified: 30 Jan 2008 08:52 GMT

Riz talks to Shaukat Aziz about the prospects
for stability in Pakistan [AFP]
On Monday Riz speaks with Shaukat Aziz, the former prime minister of Pakistan.

Aziz became the first premier in the history of his country to serve a full term in office. Before becoming prime minister, he was finance minister, and guided his country's economy to record growth.

But political and social problems continue to plague Pakistan, and elections scheduled for this month were delayed until Febuary 18 after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, the former prime minister.

Aziz talks to Riz about the prospects for stability and democracy in Pakistan.

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