Riz Khan
The last laugh
Some of our favourite comedians give a light-hearted perspective on current affairs since Al Jazeera English's launch.
Last Modified: 29 Apr 2011 15:53 GMT
Royal wedding fever has gripped not only Britain, but a global audience.
As government scandals continue to plague the nation, can a law bring reform and transparency?
A new book portrays a very different picture of the African-American leader.
For many Arabs, the revolution may have only just begun. But for Cubans, is it the end of the revolutionary era?
Are the US government and energy companies willing to change their policies?
How is the global financial crisis affecting job-seekers across the world?
New political rifts have begun to emerge in the region, as the monarchy pushes its own agenda.
How close is China to replacing the US as the next "superpower"?
Gaddafi has accepted the AU's 'roadmap' for peace but the rebels and their supporters have rejected it.
Why is the campaign for green energy not gaining momentum in the US?
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