Tunisia: The Revolt Continues
Mass protests may have toppled the Tunisian regime but the fight for freedom and dignity is ongoing.
Last Modified: 08 Feb 2012 07:20 GMT
The people of the Egyptian city of Suez are known for their fierce nationalism and spirit of resistance.
It became the physical and symbolic heart of a revolution, but have Egyptians kept the spirit of Tahrir alive?
The events that transpired in Tahrir transformed not only Egypt but the Egyptians who found their voice in the square.
Egypt's revolution was not televised - at least not on Egyptian state television, which preferred fabrication to truth.
The stories behind the iconic images of the Arab uprisings as told by those who filmed them.
A glimpse into life inside Egypt's Mahalla textile factory - a cauldron of revolt where workers inspired an uprising.

About the series

A year on from the wave of protests that sparked the 'Arab Spring', this series of documentaries by Arab filmmakers offers a fresh insight into the uprisings that shook their countries - exploring different aspects of the revolutions from the perspectives of those who were there.