PLO: History of a Revolution
Chronicling the PLO
The turbulent story of the Palestinian struggle for a national home.
Last Modified: 31 Aug 2009 08:06 GMT
The Iraqi defeat in 1991 left the PLO with little choice but to negotiate with Israel.
Ahmed Janabi
The Palestine Liberation Organisation and the events that shaped its destiny.
A look at the PLO's shift from revolution to negotiation, its return home and its decline.
A chronology of key events and developments related to the PLO.
Some Palestinians believe the resistance movement's power waned after 1982.
Spencer Osberg in Beirut
Middle East analyst says armed struggle put Palestinian resistance on the world map.
Filmmaker Omar al-Issawi reflects on his documentary about the history of the PLO.
Omar al-Issawi, documentary filmmaker
A look at the intifada and Arafat's ongoing struggle for statehood and recognition.
A look at Yasser Arafat's struggle for power and the Camp Wars in Lebanon.
A look at the Lebanese civil war and the events leading to the PLO leaving Beirut.
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