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Syria's Electronic Armies

People & Power investigates the sinister impact of a secret cyber war on the Syrian civil war.

Canada's Lost Women

An investigation into the abuse and exploitation of aboriginal women in Canada and the authorities' failure to stop it.

The Tech Threat - part two

As automation gets cheaper than the cost of labour, developing economies are being hit the hardest.

The Tech Threat

Are advances in artificial intelligence, robotics and other technologies leading to fewer jobs and more inequality?

Chad: At War With Boko Haram

People & Power investigates how Chad is responding to the threat posed by Boko Haram across West Africa.

Afghanistan's Hidden Gems

Can Afghanistan harness a fortune in unexploited precious stones to rescue its ailing economy?

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A Goat for a Vote

Three Kenyan high school students campaign to become school president using music, sweets and a goat to attract votes.


Life in San Salvador

The capital of El Salvador is being torn apart as gangs clash, leaving death, chaos and destruction in their wake.

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