Syria's soulful rhythm
Traditional Levantine sounds fused with music from a new generation inspired by rock and hip-hop.
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Music inspired by the motion of the sea - from fishermen's melodies to Bedouin desert songs.
We meet the 'godfathers' of Moroccan music in the coastal city of Casablanca.
We discover how different musical expressions live together in the same land.
An eclectic music scene pulsates through the Lebanese capital.
Egypt's music overpowers its listeners, so much so that we return to hear more unique sounds from this ancient land.
Using music to build bridges of understanding between the East and the West.
Traditional and popular music styles collide and collude.
Yemeni musicians combine traditional melodies with modern technology to create a unique music scene.
Inheriting one of the oldest musical traditions in the world Egyptians have never lost their love for music.
In depth
Tunisia celebrates its musical legacy while looking toward the future and embracing rhythms from around the world.
Musician and filmmaker Fermin Muguruza talks about Next Music Station, a series exploring music in the Arab world.
Meet the musicians: Bahrain and Kuwait
Fermin and his team visited nine different countries, interviewing more than 80 musicians.
"Maritime art is our culture, we must protect it, continue practicing it and pass it on to the coming generations."
"The oud is my soul, I can't explain it. There is a very close relationship between me and the oud."
"We came up with a lovely mixture of our personalities."
"When our people used to go to the military, they used to sing Hujeini style as they rode their camels."
"In the Gulf, our problem is that we are restricted with the traditions of a very conservative society."
"Bahrain is an open country and full of various styles of music taken from heritage and developed by many artists."
"I like Jazz music, I like classic and Nahma. That is where I find my soul."
Meet the musicians: Lebanon
"The oud is the 'weapon' through which we can show our capabilities as Arab musicians in the West."
'People living in Lebanon's refugee camps can never forget Palestine.'
'If someone is a musician, he acts like someone on the battlefield.'
'My dream is for my country to be stable and for its rulers to be loyal to the country.'
'It's art and culture that makes a country well-known, not politics.'
'I believe singers of today should unite and fight this wave of bad singing.'
'Every time I want to listen to songs about my homeland, I listen to Marcel. I'm from Palestine.'
Morocco's musicians
'Tango can't be shallow. It's all about love. Arab music is all about love.'
'What I wish is for our culture to reach the world.'
'We used to hang out in the neighbourhood and sing, come up with new rhythms, using [...] a can or the side of a car.'
'Marrakesh is my hometown, where I grew up and where my home is.'
'I adopted my uncle's style of playing music and singing.'
Yemen's musicians
'My father opposed the idea of me liking Gnawa music and had even beaten me sometimes to focus on my studies.'
'Music has become the soul's food, a cure, and an inevitable part of human life.'
'I wish Yemen to live in happiness, progress and prosperity, as Yemen is the source of civilisation and Arabism.'
'Music is the language of the world that can reach all its peoples.'
'Sometimes, we need to say more than just words.'
'We don't have a good musical background to be able to develop our heritage.'
'Our ancestor's heritage is dying out.'
'I started to sing old songs, just like any other singer.'
'Everybody starts by singing at weddings in Aden of course.'
Egypt's musicians
'I believe that singing is not haram or forbidden as they chant songs in all celebrations of various occasions.'
'We chant religious supplications all night.'
'Music is an inevitable part of everyday life.'
'People feel relaxed when they hear Zar music with its strong drum.'
'I searched for those people who had a spiritual relation with singing.'
'We choose freely between various styles of music. We do what we want and what we feel like.'
'As much as we try to reflect the state of our society, we also try to solve our problems in the Arab world.'
'I believe that music is one of the most important forms of art.'
'People have a wrong idea about jazz. They think it's just meaningless noise.'
'I launched a project that is a mixture of oriental and electronic music.'
Tunisia's musicians
'When artists produce music, they reflect the mix in which they live, the reality they exist in.'
'Literature is food for thought and music is food for the soul.'
'I believe that every free spirited person is at heart a revolutionary and I want to express this feeling.'
'Music is the only tool that can provide quick solutions as an alternative to speech.'
'It is a physical relationship with music that you understand not only with your ears, but with your whole body.'
'The singer is a witness to the times in which he or she lives.'
'I try to fuse the jazz style with Tunisian culture.'
Next Music Station

A musical odyssey through the rhythms of the Arab world. With nine countries visited and more than 80 musicians interviewed, this series by musician and filmmaker Fermin Muguruza paints a 'soundscape' of the Arab music scene. From Morocco to the Gulf, Next Music Station takes us on a journey, exploring issues of tradition and modernity, as well as the struggles of the present and the yearning for a brighter future.

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