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Listening Post
Presented by Richard Gizbert, Listening Post will dissect and examine the worlds media.
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Richard Gizbert - Presenter 
Presented by Richard Gizbert, Listening Post will bring viewers a weekly insight into how the news is covered by the world’s media.
It will monitor and examine all platforms, all over the world, from newspapers, radio and TV to blogs and podcasts, we've got it covered.
We’re also looking for new voices and we’re willing to give anyone a try.
We don’t care if you’re from the West Bank or Washington, we want to push the term media to its limit, and if possible, beyond.
Global Village Voices will be the platform to be seen and heard, via webcams or camera-phones on any and all stories that we do, from anywhere and everywhere.
Richard Gizbert  in America
We want to see the emergence of new voices from regions that are
not often heard in traditional western media.
From the biggest network to the most obscure bloggers, Listening Post will report critically on what they cover - and what they don’t.
It will examine the big stories and explain how and why coverage of them differs in different parts of the world.
Listening Post will report on the best in journalism, as well as the worst of what passes for news in countries where state run television monopolizes the airwaves.
Listening Post is a weekly half-hour programme produced by Moonbeam Films for Al Jazeera.
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In the light of the assassination of Pierre Gemayel in Beirut this week, the Listening Post looks at the factionalised nature of the Lebanese media and the role media plays in politics there. How can consumers in Lebanon get an impartial view of what’s going on?
Richard Gizbert interviews David Munir Nabti of Mideastwire.com in Beirut who  explains the political and religious loyalties that divide Lebanese media.
What’s the real value of an image? Is its job simply to sum up a moment in time? Is it to get our attention? Or are the most powerful media images really icons of political change?
We’ve been looking at the imagery of children in war – in particular in Palestine and Lebanon.  Drawn to some extraordinary pictures this week of children in Gaza occupying buildings targeted by Israeli forces it made us stop and think about the way the media portrays the conflict in the Middle East. Is there a growing tendency for the media to use symbolic pictures of children to evoke emotion but little else in its coverage? Does the media’s use of – some would say  reliance on - these images help or hinder our  understanding of the situation?
Former Editor of the Beirut based Daily Star, Rami Khouri, British writer Brendan O’Neill and Palestinian photographer Rula Halawani tell the Listening Post what. they think . Rula is filmed on assignment and explains some of the motivation behind her extraordinary images and the difficulties of working in such a dangerous environment . You can read Brendan O’Neill’s controversial article on the subject in Spiked (Spiked.com) You can also see more of Rula Halawani’s suberb photographs on ArtEast (http://www.arteeast.org/virtualgallery/apr05_halawani/arteeast-vg-halawani-3.html)
And in our Global Village Voices the powerful commentary of Laila El Haddad opens a debate we hope you will join. Get your views on air by checking out how easy it is below. You can read Laila’s  blog too on 
Listening Post’s Salah Khadr has taken his first trip to Morocco to look at how a media revolution is taking some small steps toward liberalisation. Sal relished the chance to hear the views of people on the street and in the medina.
And of course the Listening Post wouldn’t be complete without Richard Gizbert’s unique take on the week’s media foibles and favourites. This week he includes Current TV’s take on US torture methods and by contrast a really great video of the week, The Fantastic Music Machine.
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