In a special episode, we explore how technology influences the way news is gathered and shapes the way it is presented.
In a special edition, we unpack the Turkish prime minister's relationship with the media landscape in which he operates.
We examine how the unfolding crisis has led to key media moments in a country with questionable press freedoms.
The government and the opposition are fighting it out to make sure it is their version of events that gets reported.
Amid accusations of censorship, is government pressure creating a climate of intimidation for media in the country?
As journalists face arrest, we ask why the media is seen as being either with the army or with the Muslim Brotherhood.
Ahead of Sochi's Olympics, we ask how the Kremlin will handle the news coverage that comes with hosting the games.
We examine how news outlets have become part of the story in the recent scandal involving Erdogan’s government.
Is there a hierarchy of knowledge in reporting about Africa, with more authority given to international journalists?
Listening Post examines how covering the Muslim Brotherhood has become a minefield for the media.
A look back at the biggest media story of 2013 - Edward Snowden and the NSA surveillance programme.
Syria, Colombia, Israel and the Philippines - we take a special look at the Listening Post's 2013 highlights.
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