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Health workers dispensing the polio vaccine in Pakistan face violence and resistance as they go about their work.
Could a "prawn ladder" built into a dam wall aid in the fight against bilharzia in the Senegal basin?
A man from a leprosy colony in India talks about the difficulties he has faced since being diagnosed with the disease.
Meet the scientists at 'Mosquito city' who are using unusual and innovative methods to tackle malaria.
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Will health workers in Pakistan overcome political and religious tensions to vaccinate children against polio?
How are health workers tackling the deeply rooted stigma associated with leprosy as well as the disease?
Why is Africa still the most dangerous place in the world for mothers and babies?
Could Guinea worm, a deadly parasite that has plagued humans for centuries, be eradicated in the next year?
Can prawns stop a massive outbreak of the killer schistosomiasis (bilharzia) parasite in Senegal?
How can health workers rid the world of malaria, a disease that kills a child every minute?
River blindness causes relentless itching and blindness, affecting the poorest communities in the world.
What is causing hundreds of thousands of people to go blind in Ethiopia?
Lifelines profiles workers battling rabies, a fatal disease if left untreated.
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