Silicon Savannah
Can a Nairobi-based software developer create a mobile phone app to help Kenya's hard-pressed subsistence farmers?
27 Nov 2013 08:52 GMT
Can a Brazilian digital design student develop an app that could benefit those living in some of Rio's largest favelas?
Will a software designer be able to create an app that can transform the lives of millions of India's poorest farmers?
Can a Namibian tech entrepreneur enhance the lives of nomadic Himba people through his app?
From Soweto to London, young developers around the world are working on applications for social good.
In depth
The series filmmaker asks whether the global communications revolution can serve the poor and marginalised.
Many of the world's most talented computer programmers are trying to deliver social change through technology.

About Life Apps

Many of the world's most talented young computer programmers are now based in cities like Nairobi, Hyderabad or Rio de Janeiro. They are driven by a powerful belief that communications technology can deliver social change. Life Apps follows young applications developers from around the world as they visit remote communities to experience the everyday hardships of the poor and marginalised - and then create app solutions for a better, more sustainable world.