Haiti: The Silence after the Quake
Haiti's earthquake that buried her father alive, has left Darline an orphan and her country completely in ruins.
From the despair of a slum to the World Chess Olympiad in Russia - Phiona searches for answers and a better life.
Living among the poor and homeless, the American dream lost its shine for a couple trying to keep their family together.
Can Shyaka get answers about his father's identity from a mother traumatised by the Rwandan genocide?
Forced to Rio's streets rampant with drugs and violence, a teen shares her greatest sorrow - the lack of love.
Discover the story of two boys who lose their parents because of political activism.

About Letter from my Child

Letter From My Child is a series of six documentaries focusing on families from six different countries. Countries where families have to bear the consequences of armed conflict, violence or crime, natural and economic disaster, human rights’ violations and social exclusion

The effects of events that make headlines worldwide are a harsh reality for these people, but they have no power to influence them. The series aims to give a human face to frontpage news. Personal stories transform major news events into human tragedies. Children are the future, although their opinion is hardly ever heard. Letter From My Child gives these children a voice.