The Other Hawaii  

This week Inside USA travels to the USA’s 50th state, Hawaii. 

Best know as a Polynesian playground, a tropical tourist paradise, we look at the other Hawaii: a country that was overthrown, a people that never consented to annexation and a movement for independence that is gaining new strength.

In the 19th century, Hawaii was a proud and independent kingdom, part of the family of nations. Until US marines came ashore one day, the government was illegally overthrown, and the country annexed to the United States without the consent of its people.

Today Hawaii is one of the most militarised places on earth, home to Pearl Harbour, the US Pacific Command, and some 100,000 military personnel and their families.

But there is something else here too: a native movement for self-determination. Already well over 200 years old, these days, it is surging.

Inside USA examines the impact of the military, the cost of tourism, and the people who are fighting to take back stolen land.

Watch part two of this episode.

This episode of Inside USA aired from Friday, September 26, 2008.


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