Did US 2012 signify a shift to the Left?
As laws approving gay marriage and legalising marijuana are passed, we ask if the US is becoming more socially liberal.
Last Modified: 09 Nov 2012 11:43 GMT
As Barack Obama is re-elected, and significant ballot measures passed, we ask what the next four years have in store.
Should US voters cast their ballot for those whose principles they share, or simply for the lesser of two evils?
Questions have been raised about the Republican's political ideology as health and natural disaster crises hit the US.
Why have the US presidential candidates been avoiding discussing climate change in the run up to the elections?
As third party US presidential candidates hold their own debate, we ask if they can win over American voters.
In the last of the presidential debates, have the two main candidates convinced voters of their policies?
Excluded from the presidential debates, ignored by the US media - why are third party candidates being sidelined?
The second presidential debate sees Obama and Romney exchange barbs on energy, the economy and foreign policy.
An analysis of the highlights in the US vice-presidential debate in Kentucky.
As states consider passing voter ID laws we ask if the move will have any impact on who becomes the next US president.
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